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Bar coaster CBD Advertisement

Bar Drink Coasters Perfect Vehicle for CBD Advertisement

According to a report by Global Market Insights, Inc, the market valuation for Cannabidiol will cross $89 billion by the year 2026. The rapid growth is because of the increased demand for CBD products after the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use.
The growing application of CBD in the medical field has contributed immensely to the popularity and demand for cannabis products. Consequently, we continue seeing new companies enter the industry while the existing companies intensify their competition techniques.
For the new entrants to compete with the established brands effectively, there is a need for a CBD advertisement strategy change. Overall, the CBD industry is facing increased advertising challenges. This is considering that cannabis still a regulated substance, and advertisements require multiple approvals. Some of the CBD advertising challenges include:
1. Age-based restrictions that complicate CBD advertisement
2. Federal restrictions
3. Varying cannabis advertising restrictions
Therefore, CBD companies need to ensure more innovativeness when formulating advertisements. This is to be able to generate adaptive adverts that reach the target audience effectively. In this post, we elaborate on different ambient advertising techniques to help CBD companies. We focus on using bar drink coasters for CBD advertisement and the concept of pizza box for CBD advertisement. But first,

What is Ambient Advertising?

Ambient advertising is a technique that applies the principle of the placement of advertising in unusual and unexpected places, often with unconventional execution. Therefore, the ambient advertisements use surprise as a smart approach for creating a connection with the recipient, as the adverts are placed in unusual places.
Moreover, ambient advertising puts excellent emphasis on tactics like humor and creativity and audience involvement to raise the level of curiosity in consumers and the willingness to process the advertisement message. To understand how the concept of ambient advertising for CBD works, let us review the two techniques mentioned above.

Bar Coaster CBD Ads

Bar Coaster CBD Ads
Placing CBD advertisements in a relaxing environment can be one of the best approaches to spread your message. Ideally, the bar coaster advertising technique places the coasters on the bar table, directly impacting the consumer. Bear in mind that the patrons are looking for more effective recreational treatments, and this approach can be an effective way of getting them to try the CBD products. Coasters can be distributed to different bars where patrons are the leading target group.
Bar advertisements are one of the most effective ways to promote your business. Discover how bar advertisements work and how you can use them to advertise your business! Get tips on how to market your CBD products using bar advertisements!

Concept of Pizza Box Adverts

The pizza box ads work in the same way as the bar coaster ads. Therefore, the advertisement message is printed on pizza toppers. Therefore, as the recipient unboxes the pizza, there is direct contact with the CBD advertisement. This ensures that the adverts will reach the right target audience.


At Adzze, we are building capacity to help deliver CBD advertisements to the right target customers. This includes using more effective techniques that reach customers directly. That way, the advertiser is assured that the message has been delivered to the target audience. Therefore, a bar drink coaster is a perfect CBD advertisement method.