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Ambient Marketing tactics for CBD advertising

Ambient Marketing Tactics for CBD Advertising

The cannabis market is experiencing increased competition. The increased market competition attributes to the legalization of cannabis for recreational and medicinal use. Therefore, we see the emergence of new cannabis companies, while the existing CBD companies focus on attaining market dominance. Effective CBD advertising and marketing strategies can help new CBD companies to win the competition.
However, CBD advertising is restricted in some states, while where marketing of CBD products is allowed, strict measures have been introduced. This begs the question, what are the alternative CBD approaches available to cannabis producers, processors, and marketers?
The Concept of ambient marketing can help cannabis companies to survive increased competition. So, what is ambient marketing, and how can ambient marketing help cannabis companies?

What is ambient Marketing?

The Concept of ambient marketing refers to the placement of adverts in unusual and unexpected places. Therefore, ambient advertising is based on the idea that subtle things people notice around them impact them. Thus, the subtle things serve as an element of surprise, catching the targeted audience’s attention.
In that regard, CBD companies can apply the Concept of ambient marketing to reach target customers. For instance, CBD marketers can advertise on the pizza toppers. The element of surprise will raise a curiosity in consumers and their willingness to process the message.

Challenges to Advertize CBD

CBD Advertising
Cannabis remains illegal at the federal level. Therefore, advertisers are facing challenges while trying to target customers through CBD advertising. Here are some of the difficulties that CBD advertisers are experiencing.

Strict Restrictions Affect CBD Advertising

CBD advertisers experience strict measures imposed by the authorities when it comes to advertising Cannabis products. For instance, there is no advertising of cannabis products within 1,000 feet to a school or to an area where children spend time in some states. This means that CBD products cannot be advertised on billboards, as children are likely to pass by. Before the CBD advertisement is placed, the advertisers should verify that children are not permitted in the facility.

Varying Restrictions

CBD advertising is a difficult task, mainly because the advertisers have to match the local restrictions. Ideally, the advertisement restrictions vary from one state to another. Therefore, what is permitted in one country may not be allowed in another state. The advertisers have to work extra hard to ensure compliance.

Federal Restrictions

A significant issue facing CBD advertising is that federal laws do not recognize the use of marijuana for recreational use. Therefore, advertisers are not sure how they can advertise without facing penalties imposed by the federal government.

The Pandemic is Affecting CBD Advertising

The traditional approaches to CBD advertising are no longer useful after the pandemic. This is following restrictions of movement, while social gatherings are discouraged to minimize the virus’s spread.


The only practical approach right now is using ambient marketing techniques. This will ensure the target audience is served with the adverts and at the right time. Therefore, CBD companies can advertise on pizza toppers, beer mats, or pharmacy bags. At Adzze, we are continually devising new ways to help CBD companies to implement ambient marketing. Contact us today for a custom ambient marketing technique that will help build brand awareness while increasing your sales.