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Advertisement Cards

Advertisement Cards: How Do They Benefit Your Business?

Marketers and advertisers are presented with a repertoire of advertising choices, from which they can choose. Today, the options available to marketers range from advertisement cards to massive billboard ads, printed ads such as placemats to digital ads and leveraging of social media influencers. On a broader categorization, these may be in-home advertising or targeted to consumers outside, in which case, it is called out-of-home (OOH) advertising.
If you run a small business, you`re probably looking for an affordable advertising strategy that will still bring in results. In this age of rapid technological advancements, digital advertising seems to be the main game but that does not mean other advertising strategies do not work. It will surprise you to know that there are several cost-effective, more targeted, and efficient advertising methods. One of those is the use of advertising cards.

effective advertisement cards

Advertising cards or advertising postcards are beautifully designed cards used for advertising purposes and are effective alternatives to letters, emails, and flyers. They are particularly effective for small businesses. Advertisement cards can be mailed directly to the target audience or distributed by hand or several other ways. Although their performance is not as easy to track as digital ads, they are generally cost-effective and can be used to reach a large audience without breaking your budget.

Making Advertisement Cards Work For You

An effective advertisement cards campaign depends largely on the design on the cards; the simplicity, colors, volume of the information displayed, and a catchy headline; how the demography of your target audience reacts to advertisement cards; and the relevance of your business to the people you are targeting. In order words, advertisement cards are designed with a lot of focus on specificity.
An effective way to deliver advertisement cards is through direct mailing. This involves sending the cards directly to the audience you intend to reach. It will also interest you to know that direct mailing has an impressive return on investment of about 5%. A Gallup opinion survey conducted in 2015 showed that about 36% of Americans under 50, and 56% of seniors over the age of 65 look forward to checking their emails every day. Considering that the cost of designing and creating these cards is way cheaper than the cost of funding mainstream advertising such as digital ads and billboards, we can say that it is ideal for small businesses.
Keeping the information on the cards direct, easy to read, and concise, helps potential clients to quickly grab what your business is about and how to locate or contact you. However, engagements and conversions are higher if the audience finds your service or product relevant to them. A good way to track the performance of advertisement cards after sending them out, is by including promotional or coupon codes, which customers are encouraged to redeem when to go to your website to shop or walk in through your doors. More people are likely to jump in on a chance to get a discount on their purchase. In fact, this even works better if a bold call-to-action is included in the card.