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Bags Advertisement

Campaign reach: Supermarket stores
Campaign time: minimum 1 month
Est. impressions: 1.2M per store/month
Expected recall rate: 40-50%
Audience demographics: Average US adult demographics

Bags Advertisement: How does it work?

Your logo and message are printed on shopping advertisement bags and distributed to the supermarkets you selected. The venue give the bags to the shoppers who will finish shopping and take your brand to their home.

Guerilla Marketing Ideas

Guerilla marketing can be achieved by introducing elements of surprise and creativity is a smart way to provoke consumers attention. Guerilla advertising creates the possibilities of interaction with the recipient by evoking miscellaneous emotions and feelings by placing ads in unusual locations and with unconventional methods that had never used before.
Bags Advertisement is a guerilla concept has been applied by niche advertising agencies that lately have been targeting consumers by placing ads on daily consumables as door hangers, pizza box toppers, advertisement bags, drink coastersCustom Coffee Sleeveshotel key cards, valet tickets, restaurant placemats and dry cleaner hangers as advertising space placing the message in the hand of the target audience.
This innovative method has been used by such niche agencies focus on the unconventional nature enhances the assimilation of the message that has a direct impact on increasing the brand recall rate. Bags Advertisement makes you client grab your Brand in their hands!

Pharmacy Bags Advertising

Pharmacy Bag Advertising is an outstanding tactic to reach consumers with their minds in healthcare. The advertisement is printed on pharmacy prescription bags and distributed to the stores the advertiser selected. The consumer literally touches the ad and eventually bring it to their home. Pharmacy Bag Advertising creates additional exposure to other viewers since sometimes the consumers place the bags on their table at home. The concept of leveraging prescription bags or pharmacy bags is an effective tool to target healthcare providers since it delivers the message in the hand of consumers.