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AR Advertising Agency

How to Identify a Capable AR Advertising Agency?

AR Advertising agency enables retail stuff to be digitized, seen, and electronically augmented, making otherwise static parts more active. For Instance, business cards are available to be scanned, use AR to present a range of contact possibilities, or a pamphlet could be used as a digital gateway to showcase information provided via video.
According to the well-known advertising website Mediapost, people share 61 percent of the AR ads they see. At Poplar Studio, we have discovered that long retention periods on AR advertisements are increasing.
Similarly, businesses join hands with  AR Advertising agency to develop AR mobile apps for their brands and gain more popularity. For instance, After releasing its iOS AR mobile app in 2013, which allowed users to view virtual pieces of furniture from the company’s 2014 catalog, IKEA, the world-famous furniture retailer, was among the early adopters of augmented reality advertisements.

Current Marketing Advancements Caused by AR

There are so many areas where AR can excel, among which the most used to enhance the marketing one is AR printing.

Augmented Reality Print Ads

1.   Innovators Issue Cover

Despite this being an old story, we felt it needed to be featured because of its originality and pioneering status: the cover of the New Yorker’s 2016 Innovators Issue. Christoph Niemann has developed an innovative body using an app designed expressly by an AR Advertising agency. An augmented reality cover allowed viewers viewing the illustration with a smartphone to join a three-dimensional simulation of New York’s iconic cityscape.

2.   AR Printing

The advertising product that facilitates augmented reality (AR) in  print marketing
has achieved critical mass, with firms now offering a platform via which customers can access the content.

AI Experience

For many years, augmented reality (AR) has been a highly anticipated technology in the print business.
The augmented reality craze began with Pokémon Go in 2016. Most sources attribute AR apps’ increased exposure to the Pokémon Go app. Over the previous two years, the game has received over 800 million installations and produced $2 billion in revenue. Furthermore, it undoubtedly contributed to the expansion of the augmented reality sector.

Why Advertising with AR vs Advertising in Malls

There are some benefits most likely to experience after the adoption of AR are listed below:

1.   Higher Brand Recall

AR promotes increased levels of gazing in the mind, which helps retain more. That’s why it’s unlikely to forget such AR ads easily.

2.   Differentiate from Competition

AR print advertising enables you to provide services that set you apart from your competition because very few organizations have not begun to operate AR advertisement applications or services.

3.    Higher Engagement and Creative Interactive Ads

Augmented reality advertisements are incredibly engaging, providing clients with a more exciting and acceptable way to obtain information.

Final Takeaway

AR is becoming essential to adopt if you want to retain your brand’s name in customers’ minds and make your advertising strategies more engaging. It’s high time now to realize that as an advertiser, you must integrate AR in your marketing strategies to grow and compete with your rivals. To go for the correct AR option, you must consult with an AR advertising agency.