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Augmented Reality QR code

Here Is How To Use Interactive Ads With Augmented Reality QR code

Augmented reality isn’t worlds apart anymore. At this point, it is a completely new way of getting information. The earliest form of AR technology is Facebook face recognition, wonderful Snapchat and Instagram filters, and the very famous Pokémon Go App. Now fetching information with a smart augmented reality QR code is even more exciting and entertaining. It connects easily with people without putting up glasses or special gears to step into the augmented world. Grab your phone and look through your eyes with a single scan. According to Blue Bite, the QR code usage soared 96% over the years 2018 – 2020. In a survey conducted by Statista, 45% of the respondents in the USA were positive that they had used marketing-based QR codes for shopping.
Augmented reality QR code can be a potential marketing tool having the immersive benefits of AR advertisement. To have a glimpse of the future of augmented reality in advertising, you should look at China. It is already a famous payment method in China and getting popular across the globe. According to Scanova, the Chinese are obsessed with augmented reality QR codes and putting them in use for payments, getting exciting offers, and for any other thing possible. You should look into the ways how marketers run augmented reality ooh. The stats are quite enough to let you consider are you ready for augmented reality marketing?
Intersnack brilliantly added augmented reality QR code to their funny-Frisch potato chip packaging. It activates a gamified experience for the customers that keep them engaged and want to return for more personalized products. Compressed menus and bar coasters are replaced by augmented QR codes, opening a whole new food selection and ordering experience.

Reach the audience with an unconventional advertising vehicle

Augmented reality QR Code is modish marketing.
Catching up the customers with augmented reality QR codes is the new mantra of smart marketers. Little treats like a gift coupon upon QR code scan and featuring personalized offers through QR codes are just the perfect way of connecting with people on a win-win level.

QR Code on coffee sleeves

Memorable advertising experience

Make a QR code that sets the feel of the brand.
Good marketing is built out of great consumer experience, and a remarkable consumer experience requires brilliant advertisement. Marketers can put augmented reality QR codes to expand their art beyond boundaries. Put them on Social Media like ‘Snap codes’ to create a personalized advertisement for your brand.

Higher engagement due to creative interactive ads

Enhanced customer retention with augmented QR code
Simply putting QR codes along with the product tag will open up a new window of hidden features and exciting elements that a consumer must be interested in. Create the feel of a well-illuminated item before the eyes of consumers to win their trust.


Brands that are digitizing their products and packaging with augmented reality QR codes are the lead sellers of tomorrow. Use QR codes to add value and launch a dynamic digital experience to win the hearts of your customers with your ace marketing.