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Marketers are Using AR Print Marketing

Five Reasons Marketers Are Using AR Print Marketing

Digital technology has had a huge impact on how we consume and deliver advertisements. Consequently, digital advertising industry reported a forecasted growth of 12.9% CAGR, reaching around $330-340 Billion in the year 2020.
Among the digital technologies that have contributed to the uptake of digital advertising is Augmented Reality. The application of augmented reality has enabled the users of print advertising media to improve their approach to advertising.
According to reports, big brands that have incorporated AR in print adverts such as newspaper and magazines have shown that AR is the way of advertising in the future.  Popular companies that are using AR Print Marketing include Apple and IKEA. Since the two brands set the phase when it comes to successful marketing and advertising, it is worth considering the benefits of AR in advertising.

Interactive Ads With Augmented Reality Flyer Marketing


In this post, we look at some of the top trends to watch out for when it comes to application of AR print marketing. Therefore, if you are wondering how AR will transform use of print marketing.

1.     Traditional Print Advertising Is Becoming Obsolete

Before making a purchase decision, well-informed consumers are looking for as much information as possible. Therefore, consumers browse the internet, walk into brick and mortar shops touch, and even try the items they are hoping to purchase. All this is to ensure they are reaching a wise investment decision. When it comes to print advertising, AR will transform the current practices. We see brands printing QR codes on the print adverts, a practice that has brought products to life from print. In that regard, it is clear that the traditional print advertising will become obsolete.

2.     AR Will Enable Higher Ad Engagement and Tracking

Another trend that we are seeing taking shape is the use of AR to ensure modern print advertising gets higher engagements and tracking is made easier. Augmented Reality print marketing enables users to experience an interactive and engaging experience that brings the product to rife and right out of the print ad or catalogue. As a result, the advert owners can track ad engagement, and know which ads are generating more engagements compared to the rest.

3.     AR Print Marketing will Result in Higher AD Recall

The experiences brought about by AR, leaves a lasting impression on the user. Therefore, it is clear that brands that use the advertising technique enjoy increased conversions.

4.     AR Print Media Reduces Cost Of Customer Acquisition

The truth is that print advertising can be expensive especially for new brands. However, with AR print marketing, it is clear that brands will cut the cost of advertising significantly, and even enjoy lower cost of acquiring a customer.

5.     Higher Return On Investment

When it comes to use of AR print, lower cost of acquiring a customer coupled with increased conversion rates will result in increased ROI. Therefore, it is time for brands to switch to AR print marketing as it is the future of marketing.


Traditional print advertising is obsolete, expensive and untargeted. However, AR print marketing will fill the gaps.  This is as brands switch to the modern means of advertising. Do not be left behind! Switch to AR print marketing today, and enjoy improved Ad performance.