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AR Flyer Advertising Campaign

Best Practices for Running an AR Flyer Advertising Campaign

According to the statistic, 70% of people have the opinion that the use of augmented reality technology will bring many advantages. Considering these stats, marketers have the right time to integrate AR technology into an advertising strategy. If people were getting the opportunity to experience the technology with which they wanted to try shopping, it would have had many great effects on brand growth.

Augmented Reality Brochure

AR technology has evolved in the advertising industry. It has provided them a better chance to showcase their products in front of consumers. Consumers have also shown a great response to advertising campaigns like AR flyer advertising. Snapchat conducted an Art Lab survey and discovered that 73% of people could easily understand and use AR technology.

The Advancement of the AR flyer advertising scheme

Advanced technology has influenced advertising and marketing strategies. Marketers and most people prefer evolved technology like AR flyer advertising. No doubt they have significant results, but due to all the advanced technology, traditional advertising is fading. The traditional printed advertising strategy has a lower reach and overall result. We can bring life to traditional advertising by changing it into AR brochures or AR flyer advertising schemes. There are people that like reading magazines, flyers, and brochures. You can make the most of this situation and add additional information about your product and brand to the AR flyer advertising campaign. People will just have to scan the AR flyer, and they will be able to see your product in the best virtual way.

The Phenomenal Advantages of AR Flyer Advertising Campaigns

The AR industry has skyrocketed in recent years because of its benefits for both users and marketers. Marketers can advertise their products in more detail, and users can experience AR products before purchasing. It will develop a relationship of trust and credibility between them. Moreover, the Google Consumer AR Survey concluded that 66% of people prefer using AR for shopping. With the rise of AR, where 6 out of 10 people want to experience it before making a purchase, it will be an ideal and recommended method for a brand’s growth. Flyer advertising campaigns have significant benefits, like an increase in brand visibility and sales rate.

Enhance the engagement rate

AR flyer provides a better chance for your brand to connect with the audience. It will create an unbreakable and strong connection with the audience, through which you can portray your product in the most advantageous conditions. When you are able to connect with your audience, you increase the engagement rate. The increased engagement rate through the AR flyer will result in an increased conversion rate, and thus a higher sales rate.

What is AR Ads

Stand yourself out from the competition.

Through AR flyer advertising, brands can offer engaging, innovative, and informative content. It results in more brand awareness and visibility. Additionally, it makes a strong connection with the target audience and thus builds customer loyalty that will make you stand out.

Increase brand recall

AR provides an exciting and fun experience for users. When users enjoy AR ads, they come back more often. It has a great effect, like increased brand recall. When people are more familiar with your brand, it leads to increased customer loyalty and a higher conversion rate.

The bottom line:

AR flyer advertising is a useful way to advertise your business, and it will offer you an opportunity to engage with the audience. The integration of AR through companies like Adzze would make you stand out.