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Out-of-home marketing is nothing new. In fact, consumers are bombarded with ads on billboards, flyers, radio and various other locations throughout the day. While some have said that this type of marketing might be going the way of the dodo thanks to the digital revolution, there is a new similar marketing trend afoot: advertising on dry cleaner hangers.

Marketers face an almost daily challenge of trying to figure out the best return on investment when it comes to where and when to advertise for a business. Direct mail advertising can be one of the preferred options. With so many different options available to marketers, there is constant pressure to make the right choice and get ads in front of the right people.

It used to be that television advertising was the gold standard for marketers. Advertising on TV was a status symbol and once a company could afford television ads, then they had made it. However, that is not to say that advertising on television is without its drawbacks. Advertising on pizza boxes has numerous advantages over traditional marketing methods.

When we think about watching TV advertising it wasn’t too long ago that the conjured image included a family sitting in front of the set after a long day at work or at school. However, both televisions themselves and the way that we watch programming has changed rapidly over the course of just the last few years. That change has left media buyers scrambling to determine if television advertising is still worth the cost and if ads will reach the intended target audience.

Advertisers are constantly looking for effective tools to promote their products. Door hanger advertising delivers the message straight to the target audience and brings a hands-on exposure to the consumer as they can touch and see the ad closely.  With a wide range of designs and shapes for the door hangers there are no bounds in terms of creativity. From simple to innovative designs like shapes of clothes (ties, tops etc.), funky masks, and quirky messages, these are so eye-catching that they are as good as complete marketing campaigns in themselves.

Everyone wants a bigger slice of the pie! While consumers are enjoying pizza, marketers want to take a slice of the market share. Companies are pursuing pizza box advertising as a part of their marketing campaigns. They place their ads on pizza boxes and distribute to several pizza stores where the custom pizza boxes are displayed or delivered directly to the home of the consumer.

As consumers become more and more blinded to banner ads and other from of intrusive advertising, advertisers have to become more creative in order to get their message in front of those that matter.  Marketers have been questioning the value of content marketing and native advertising as effective tools to reach the target audience.