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Branded Hand Sanitizer Stands

Branded Hand Sanitizer Stand is the newest advertising trend

Are you looking for a better way to deliver marketing messages to your customers? How about using the branded hand sanitizer to showcase your brand or products? The branded hand sanitizers can be placed at different locations including businesses, workplaces, shopping malls, and other common areas. The objective is to ensure that those in public places have access to hand sanitizers. However, and more importantly, the branded hand sanitization stand is placed at a strategic location where the advertisement is visible to all the target customers.

How does it work?

Branded hand sanitization stands feature a sturdy enclosure making it ideal for use at the public places. The hand sanitization stand features a large display to be used by the advertisers. The modern hand sanitization stands feature a digital display screen making the adverts visible to most people. Therefore, the advertiser can place clear ads allowing those who are using the hand sanitizer to see the advert clearly. The hand sanitizer stand is easy to set up and can be mounted on different locations to ensure the message is communicated effectively.
Thus, if you are looking for a modern and effective approach for reaching to your customers, try the hand sanitizer stands to advertise.

What are the Benefits of Using the Branded Hand Sanitizer Stand?

Branded hand sanitization

Brands stand to enjoy numerous benefits if they start using the branded sanitizer stands.  Here are some of the benefits:

They are Perfect For use at the Retail Locations

The branded hand sanitizer stand works excellent with the retail locations. This is because they can be placed at different locations to target shoppers as they enter and exit the retail shops. Businesses can choose to use the wall-mounted hand sanitizer stands or use the freestanding sanitizing stands.

Allows a business to reach more people

The hand sanitizer stand attracts more people. This is because of the free offering. Therefore, while getting the free hand sanitizer, the consumer will stop to view the printed advertisement. If a digital display is used, high-quality imagery grabs the attention of the audience. Thus, over 80% of the target audience will be reached.

Unique and Eye-Catching

The uniquely designed modern hand sanitizer stands are not easy to ignore. This is especially where the advertisement uses high-quality images to send a message to the audience. this makes the advertising method one of the fastest growing and effective means of communicating to customers.

Deliver Targeted Messages

Hand sanitizers allow customization of advertisements. Therefore, the advertiser can target a relevant audience through a custom message. This makes it a more effective approach to delivering advertisements.

Allows You to Place your brand the Hand of the Customer

By placing advertisements on unusual items such as the hand sanitizer stand, you are reminding the customer that you exist. Therefore, the next time they are shopping and they come across your products, they remember the visual advertisement. This allows you to influence the buying behavior of a customer who is already in his buying process.
The overall effect of using hand sanitizer stands to advertise is the potential to increase the conversions. Moreover, it creates a good opportunity to increase brand awareness. In the end, customers will have your name in mind, and when they come across your products, they are more likely to purchase.
Adzze is the leading provider in hand advertising. One of our approaches is the use of Ambient advertising techniques, which target placing ads on unusual items. This allows businesses to target the consumer effectively. We have been building capabilities and working with customers to roll out the concept of hand sanitizer stand for advertising.