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advertising trucks vs In-Home Advertising

Should You Choose Advertising Trucks Over In-The-Hand Marketing?

This article discusses OOH tactics as advertising trucks and In-the-Hand Marketing.

The ramifications of COVID-19 in the OOH Advertising Industry
As the economic impact of COVID-19 continues to unfold, brands and agencies need to re-image their advertising methods. The out-of-home (OOH) advertising players will need to rethink their strategies before the damage deteriorates to them bleeding clients too. Traditional billboards will not be effective anymore as the consumers will be taking a more careful approach and spend more time in their homes. So fewer people will be outside and less impressions will be generated by outdoors advertising. Traditional OOH will be replaced by in-home advertising.
According to a survey conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) it is believed that traditional out-of-home advertising is expected to suffer (Forbes) an estimated ad spend decline of 51% for March and April and a decline of 41% for May and June.
Adzze has been re-thinking the advertising tactics adapting to a more sensitive message. The team has working on extending its capabilities to offer advertising concepts that can reach the consumers at their safest place: at home. One of these methods uses pizza boxes as advertising space. Think of this as small moving billboard that gets delivered at the consumer’s home. Studies demonstrated that this type of ads can evoke an 80% recall rate (8 out of 10 households individuals remember to see an ad on the pizza box) with an average ROI of 150%. This means, for every 1 dollar the advertiser invested in a pizza box advertising campaign, they received at least additional 2.5 dollars of sales. For more details, see the article Estimating the ROI of Pizza Box Marketing.

Pizza Box vaccine - Pizza Box Marketing

Advertisers spend billions of dollars yearly to try to get messages to the target audience. The cost of advertising is insignificant if the campaign leads to increased sales for the company. In particular, measuring the return on investment enables advertisers to gauge the relevance of advertising channels like advertising trucks.

Advertising trucks are cheaper compared to traditional ad channels

The concept of return on investment is critical in all business ventures. Notably, businesses must be able to increase sales for every advertising campaign that they run. For instance, if a company invests $2,000 per month in advertising campaigns, the intention to drive sales that offset the costs. However, a negative return on investment is likely to discourage further utilization of the advertising channel.
Use of advertising trucks is an appealing and less costly avenue for businesses to get the message out there. Notably, the cost of preparing and airing ads on TV is prohibitive; hence, the increasing shift to other platforms. Using vehicles to advertise is cheap and more convenient because you have the choice of using your car. For a small business, it is easier and less expensive to brand a few cars to sell the brand. However, a challenge arises in terms of tracking the return on investment while using this advertising avenue.

In Home Advertising will replace billboard trucks

Recently the Interactive Advertising Bureau surveyed nearly 400 media buyers and brands. The results were surprising: 74% think the coronavirus pandemic will have a larger impact on their advertising spend than the 2008 financial crisis. According to the President of Interactive Advertising Bureau, David Cohen, “Typically marketers will press pause for a moment, take a breath, assess the situation, replay and reevaluate.”
The use of mobile OOH methods will most likely experience more decline in the coming months, given the fact when the economy re-opens, people will still be cautious and stay more at home. Mobile advertising using trucks, buses and others will be fast replaced by in-home advertising. The impact of COVID-19 has kept normally mobile citizens inside their homes. Hence, the best ways to reach your audience and maintain brand visibility will be to take your products and services to them indoors, as it will be clearly unprofitable to place adverts on advertising vehicles that no one is seeing.

Difficulty tracking the return of investment

The logic behind wrapping ads on trucks is to ensure that many people get to view the message along the way. Nevertheless, vehicles are always in motion, especially on busy highways. In such a case, it is difficult for the target audience to read and understand the substance within the message. Also, the constant movement implies that advertisers can hardly keep track of locations of people who read the message. Sadly, it is impossible to quantify the impact of the message on the trucks.
Further, it is almost impossible to target audiences when using trucks to advertise. Often, advertisements contain messages aimed at a specific section of the population. As such, the impact of the ad depends on the ability of the message to reach that particular audience. Unlike targeted ads like custom coffee sleeves, trucks display their messages to the general population. Therefore, the likelihood of the message reaching the targeted audience is quite low. Such issues make it difficult to track the returns from investing in wrapping ads on trucks.

Coffee cup Ads

In-Home Advertising will increase with Door Hanger Ads

The business of marketing is changing in the age of COVID-19. Whether its effects are brief or prolonged, marketers need to be nimble in these challenging times, and pivot when needed while optimizing performance throughout the crisis.
Advertiser will have to find alternative channels to reach consumers and many already pivoted to In-Home Advertising using food deliveries. This model represents the new market trend in advertising as an alternative to traditional OOH advertising channels. As delivery orders are being fulfilled, active advertising is on-going simultaneously. Ads are placed on pizza boxes and shopping bags and delivered into the hands of customers. The amazing part is that the ads enter people`s homes and stays in their faces.
New age advertising methods as seen at Adzze, will not only attract more clients but will effectively engineer the on-boarding of major businesses as many begin to see the tremendous benefit of in-home advertising. With innovative methods such as ads placement on door hangers. This concept guarantees definite impressions of your brands on prospective customers because our approach delivers the brand directly into the hands of your target audience at their homes.

Door Hanger vs Trucks Advertising

Your advertisement is printed on door hangers and distributed to the households in the zip code or areas that were selected according to the marketing campaign. Adzze technology solutions are used to target demographic profiles such as income, age, ethnicity, marital status, so that we hit your exact target-market ensuring the door hanger delivery. In addition, the segmentation method enables to evaluate annual spend criteria so that you have a better insight into the spend behavior of the target audience.  The consumers will be positively surprised if the door hanger brings them value as coupons or discounts. The advertiser must partner with the capable door hanger distributors to ensure to track the door hanger delivery to the targeted addresses. Typically, the return of the  Door Hanger Advertising investment is 3x, this means for every $1 invested, the advertiser receives $3 back.