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Augmented Reality Advertisement

Key Trends In Augmented Reality Advertisement

The marketing and advertising worlds have in the last few years witnessed a huge revolution. Today, we see brands taking on Augmented Reality advertisement as the new way to reach their target customers and prospects. Through application of AR in advertisement, brands are able to provide their target customers unique and engaging experiences that combine real and virtual interactive elements. The emerging trend is transforming the marketing and advertisements game, and quickly becoming the key choice for B2C and B2B companies.
According to Tech Injury, there will be 1.73 Billion AR users on mobile by 2024. The same report indicates that AR users fall into the 16-34 age group. In addition, 7-% of consumers believe AR will benefit them in some way.
Therefore, it is clear that businesses need to invest in AR, as a key technology that will result in business transformation. Like any other technology, AR is evolving quickly, and it is important that organizations study the current trends in order to anticipate what the future holds.

Augmented Reality Marketing

In this post, we examine augmented reality advertisement. We will cover the key trends in augmented reality advertisement, and explain how you can take on AR in advertising.

1.     Application of AR Apps In Marketing

One of the top trends today, involves application of AR powered apps in the advertising industry. The eCommerce industry has faced the challenge of enabling customers try products before purchasing. Thus, AR powered apps have come as a relief, as customers in Venezuela can try a product before ordering it from the UK market. Therefore, brands that operate fully on the  eCommerce platform can connect with customers and provide a seamless shopping experience. Ultimately, we have seen an increase in sales, as brands deliver personalized experience to their customers through the AR powered applications.

2.     Application Of AR In Delivering Marketing Content

The application of AR in advertising campaigns is a trend that is set to disrupt how brands reach their audience. Rather than waiting for the customers to search through Google and other search engines, you can drive customers to your website through a simple QR code on coffee sleeves or the pizza tops.

QR Code Advertising On Pizza Boxes

Therefore, brands can drive traffic to the advertisement content without the need for relying on keywords and even social media. This idea, is one that will see small businesses concentrating on delivering value to the customers, in order to drive higher customer retention.

3.     AR-Powered Touring and Assistance

Customer care and customer support are critical components when it comes to advertising your brand. Providing an exceptional customer care experience and on demand, can create a buzz around your brand. To do so, brands can apply AR to deliver on-demand customer support. For instance, printing QR codes that direct your customers to the support page on your website, enables the customer to walk with your knowledge base in their comfort. All the customer needs to do is to scan the QR code and navigate to the related question. That way, brands are building trust and credibility, and advertising through word of mouth as more satisfied customers share their experiences with friends and relatives.
Using augmented reality advertisements is a trend that can transform your business. All you need to do is to identify the various approaches you could apply AR, to make sure you remain on the customers mind.
Some examples of how to deploy AR advertisements include printing QR Codes on in hand advertising techniques like coffee sleeves, pharmacy bags, bar coasters, and even QR codes on pizza tops.


Are you interested in either of the above advertising techniques? Talk to marketing and advertising experts for exceptional AR powered advertising campaigns.