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Marketers are Using AR Business Cards in 2021

5 Reasons Marketers Are Using AR Business Cards In 2021

Augmented Reality is transforming businesses. AR can be used as a brand awareness tool at very points of marketing. Through an amazing AR business card, your clients and customers can learn about your products and services in a novel way. AR brings better visual recognition and emotional attachment in contrast with conventional print advertising. More and more businesses are turning towards AR marketing. The transition is quite fast as 44% of the future population will turn into AR users by 2023 according to Digi Capital.

Unlock the Power of AR Business Cards: Engage, Impress, and Convert

AR business cards have emerged as a game-changer in the marketing landscape, offering unique opportunities to engage, impress, and convert potential customers. By incorporating augmented reality technology into traditional business cards, brands can captivate their audience with interactive experiences that leave a lasting impact. Whether it’s showcasing products in 3D, presenting virtual demonstrations, or providing immersive brand storytelling, AR business cards enable marketers to go beyond the limitations of traditional print advertising.

Future of E-commerce is in AR Marketing

Liberalizing customers with a virtual option to shop is the trendiest thing nowadays in online shopping businesses. Your brochure can be your virtual shop, accessible from anywhere. Sales cycles can be shortened if you empower your customers in your boutique while giving them virtual sales assistance. As reported in the 2020 IBM US Retail Index 41% of survey takers were willing to try out a virtual try room for a better online experience while 18% were already tested it. AR marketing is already reshaping the way of advertising in the automobile and interior decoration industry. Want to see how? Check out here The Future of Augmented Reality in Advertising.

Why AR Business Card is engaging

Effective Brand Awareness with QR Code

Even an AR business card can be a great marketing tool. Business cards having a QR code are special. Among the 5 Reasons Marketers are Using AR Business Cards, QR codes integration is the strongest one. They can be scanned for additional information. The card itself can turn into a video Ad or you can directly call, write an email or check social profiles simply by scanning the QR code given on AR business cards. QR codes placed at AR business cards are a smart and effective way to engage customers, save their time and simplify their interaction process. See here why are Marketers using QR Code Advertising?

Cut the chase by Eliminating Print Advertising

A static print Ad cannot give results to the fullest. It lacks behind tracking of impressions and interactions made through customers. Thus, targeting becomes a vague element in print advertising. Plus, print ads turn out to be costly in contrast with emerging digital marketing solutions. There are numerous other reasons for which print advertising is becoming obsolete and less attractive to many marketers. Another factor that aiding in the diminishing of print advertising is, the marketer approach towards paperless and sustainable creative solutions for businesses. Print Ads can cover some part of future marketing plans but relying upon them for results won’t fill the purpose.

Benefits of AR business cards

One of the key benefits of AR business cards is their ability to create a memorable and interactive brand experience. Imagine handing out a business card that, when scanned with a smartphone, instantly reveals a virtual showroom where customers can explore your products from every angle. This innovative approach not only captures attention but also allows potential customers to interact with your brand in a way that fosters emotional connections and enhances brand recall.

Innovative Marketing Strategies: Leveraging AR Business Cards with Adzze

When it comes to cost-effective advertising services, Adzze is a leading provider that specializes in innovative marketing solutions, including AR business cards. Adzze understands the evolving needs of modern marketers and offers cutting-edge strategies to maximize brand exposure and audience engagement.
With Adzze, businesses can leverage the power of AR business cards to create impactful and memorable brand experiences without breaking the bank. By adopting this technology, companies can stay ahead of the competition and tap into the immense potential of augmented reality advertising. Adzze provides comprehensive support and expertise throughout the entire campaign, from design to distribution, ensuring that businesses achieve their marketing goals effectively and efficiently.
Incorporating AR business cards into your advertising strategy not only positions your brand as innovative and forward-thinking but also opens doors to a world of exciting possibilities. Adzze offers cost-effective solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of augmented reality, revolutionizing the way they connect with their target audience.


Besides carrying the emotional wow factor that strengthens purchase decisions, AR business cards can be invaluable for brand recognition and increase customer retention. One of the 5 Reasons Marketers are Using AR Business Cards is, it gives life to print advertising while providing immense creative solutions. Interactive links and scan-able codes are way more cost-effective contrary to print advertising.
Finally, you can use any content according to goals and marketing plans. Images and interactive links are best to place on your AR business cards.