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Web Augmented Reality Success Guide

Web Augmented Reality Success Guide

Web Augmented Reality is a new, more advanced technology every day, with market penetration and development taking an upward trajectory. Web AR technology has provided a fast and relatively short path between idea creators, service authors, or products in any form to consumers. Web AR technology uses AR as a powerful tool to more effectively connect with audiences on an emotional and interactive level. Thanks to enriched and sophisticated technologies, the web provides unexpected and surprisingly positive results. If the interests of users are examined, AR increases their intention by several tens of times more than the value that is not AR. Web AR has an attractive and unique look and proven effectiveness.
With its use, the world of advertising has become more attractive, all-encompassing, and has triggered new emotions, desires, and interests in the audience.
Data shows that 32% (Threekit, 2020) of consumers use AR while shopping in 2021 and that retail will account for 5% of AR use by 2022.

Why Advertising with AR vs Advertising in Malls

Web augmented reality provides versatility and, with its new dimensions, surpasses the use of applications. Web AR is characterized by instant, download-free AR access and is designed to have a higher reach, higher conversions, sharing, and ultimate sales goals. Since Web AR requires a camera and a browser for its basic functioning, wide compatibility is enabled. Web Augmented Reality is supported by Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and the browsers Safari and Chrome. AR agencies with their professional teams have many years of experience creating unique AR experiences and content for users on multiple platforms and devices.
The application of web AR advertising guarantees a direct and successful path to the customer, especially since Web AR is constantly growing. This leads to an increase in the intention to buy five times more (Awexr, n.d.) in the next six months.
Thanks to modern technology, the customer will review and analyze the product at home with just a few clicks. In this way, it creates an unbreakable bond with the brand. At the same time, this experience multiplied the visual attention (Awexr, n.d.) and the effect of surprise, as well as increased memory by 70%.

5 Great Augmented Reality Advertising Examples For Your Business


Approaching the intended audience AR in advertising uses digital components based on sites and products using interactive flyers, interactive 3D models, and websites.
Since the current or near-future AR strategy is necessary, the use of Web AR is necessary as the future of creating content for marketing products and attracting audiences. Web AR as a service and connection between creators, i.e., producers, and audiences, i.e., customers, includes entrepreneurs, enterprise owners, and digital and 3D professionals. The development of Web AR is preceded by a thorough and serious study of the market and an analysis of known technologies.
Since Web Augmented Reality is a new and unique technology, its role is an integral part of the business that uses the effects of advertising, marketing feedback analysis, information, training, and the like. In the name of successful business and the use of Web AR, the Web AR Success Guide is necessary, which in the beginning, professionally turns the unknown into clear steps on the path of realization and marketing of products to customers. One of the forms is the E-book as a guide.


These guides include analyzing market activities and relationships, studying available technologies, and creating AR applications. With their content, books can inspire those interested to take action in creating original ideas and content in the fields of science, business, art, and advertising, etc.