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Marketing Tactics Using AR Print Advertising

Marketing Tactics Using AR Print Advertising

Mixed reality is a hybrid of AR/VE features. It incorporates both VR and AR within a more extensive spectrum known as the “Actuality Continuous spectrum.” It tries to blend parts of the physical and virtual worlds into situations where real and virtual items may co-exist and communicate efficiently.

AR Advertising Agency

According to statistics, 71 percent of customers said they would purchase more frequently if AR were available. Conventional shots just cannot compete with AR’s ability to impart specifics about the appearance and feel of an object. Customers may make more confident purchasing decisions using AR, which leads to higher satisfaction and strong brand recognition.

Advancements in Marketing After Arrival of AR

Besides AR print advertising, i.e., business cards, flyers, and paper ads. AR has brought a lot of change in the world  of Advertisement, among which few are going to discuss below:

1.   Google Sodar

It is a new application developed by Google. It serves as technological assistance in these volatile times using AR, allowing you to see how distant you are from another person. Google Sodar, as a web app, uses augmented reality to determine the distance between two points.

2.   Allow Buyers to Try Before Purchasing

Customers have always desired to experience things before buying them. Similar service has become the fastest-growing retail trend.
For instance:
Lacoste created an app using AR print advertising for their LCST business in 2014. Customers could lay their foot on a unique marking, identify it with their handsets, and try several Lacoste shoes.

AR Experience

Augmented Reality Packaging
Marketing Managers should look for methods to incorporate AR into printed goods to remain ahead of their competitors and differentiate themselves. However, the application of AR print advertising has various growth opportunities. AR print advertising may be introduced in a variety of creative ways, which includes business cards, event signs, and so on.

1.   Higher Brand Recall

According to neuroscience research undertaken by Neuro-Insight in collaboration with Mindshare UK and Zappar, AR stimulates elevated amounts of gaze in mind (almost double that of non-AR tasks). For AR encounters, what is remembered or imprinted into consciousness is 70% greater, which shows that AR print advertising leaves an everlasting impact on the memory of their customers.

2.   Differentiate from Competition

AR print advertising helps you offer services that differentiate you from your competitors. Because nowadays, there are very few organizations that have not started operations of AR advertisement apps or services.

3.    Higher Engagement and Creative Interactive Ads

In recent years, particularly during the pandemic, many firms have increased their investments in digital marketing, using unique AR print advertising to differentiate themselves from their competition. The fast rise of social media and search engines demonstrates that AR print advertising is advantageous to businesses. Augmented reality commercials are incredibly interactive, giving customers a more fascinating and acceptable method to get information.

Final Verdict

Nowadays, AR print advertising for numerous businesses will transform the way how the digital marketing industry operates. So, don’t miss out on these emerging AR print advertising. Indeed, it will help you outshine your competitors!