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Augmented Reality Print Ads

How Augmented Reality Print Ads Can Be Very Beneficial

AR is known to be a new technology with unimagined and unlimited possibilities, which is represented in the form of displays and applications in stores or advertisements in magazines.

Where is AR?

AR is everywhere, but it takes time for new research to be used by a brand or printed materials. The process of the AR campaign itself, i. e., successful communication between a team characterized by creativity and technical expertise and the audience or potential customers who are characterized by knowledge, will include new ideas for the application of AR.

Augmented Reality Agencies

One of the applications of AR is the scanning of printed ads by the audience, i.e., the possible purchase of products through applications. Including digital agencies, printed materials using AR are becoming more interesting, attractive, meaningful, and interactive compared to traditional ones. It is for these reasons that it is predicted that AR will be included in everything that is printed by 2028. (Caruso, 2021)
We have data that 4.5 billion (Klavins, 2020) of the world’s population used the Internet in 2020. Thanks to AR technology, the revival of traditional content and media, i.e., newspapers, books, and magazines, is being achieved.

What is the relationship between modern and traditional?

With the use of digital media, the public’s interest in traditional print media is progressively declining. Certainly, these two approaches to the audience are not mutually exclusive and complement each other at the same time. It is now widely known that AR technology has brought a revolutionary innovation in the field of marketing and advertising. Thanks to the placement of powerful ads, brands through AR marketing have given very likable and interactive experiences in their marketing campaigns.

AR technology in print marketing starts

AR technology in print marketing starts with brands that have a platform suitable for consumers to use the content. AR print technology has been used at the same time for successful businesses and raising brand awareness. Powerful advertising campaigns are spreading at lightning speed thanks to innovative advertising and are quickly reaching their target audience.

Why Advertising with AR vs Advertising in Malls

AR provides greater engagement and a lasting impression on users. Today, brands have the opportunity to monitor interactions and their levels. Then the conversion is achieved, i.e., the audience is turned into clients. The best version of advertising and achieving the goal is to create an impressive impression on the audience.
One of the types of AR prints of advertising is the printing of QR codes for so-called advertisements in hand. It is common for QR codes on print ads to give life to printed products. According to previous research, 90% of brand advertisers use or plan to use AR in their campaigns. One of the reasons is that the cost-effectiveness of AR print marketing is in reducing costs related to both customers and advertising and increasing conversion rates and investments.


Augmented Reality print ads have found a significant role in marketing campaigns by providing several benefits to both manufacturers and customers. This is achieved by introducing AR into printed materials, which creates a new creative work based on traditional printing.