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Interactive Ads With Augmented Reality Flyers

Here Is How To Use Interactive Ads With Augmented Reality Flyers

The journey towards AR technology is becoming a big boon for many industries. The impact of AR on routine operations is huge within large organizations. When it comes to marketing, AR is drastically changing the dynamics of online advertisement. As stated by MediaPost, seeing the value in Augmented reality flyers, media planners and buyers want to incorporate AR / VR ads into their digital campaigns.
In today’s E-commerce world, AR marketing has already surged into customer’s online activities. It lets the customer interact with the brand before purchase through an AR integrated online shopping experience. The future of AR marketing is extremely commendable as a powerful platform and you should see the reasons you should try AR OOH ads to provide strong impacts on industry verticals where it is implemented. As per the stats by Statista the present value of the AR market is around $30.7 billion and it will continue to grow up to 10 times more till the year 2024.


AR has overtaken the world of advertisement to the extent of every bit. The simplest most common practice of AR advertisement comes in the shape of QR code embedded business cards. How do marketers run augmented reality OOH? Covers all the smart tactics based on AR technology. They are not just cards but a complete visual interaction course for the beholder. Limited to not only cards but outdoor advertisement and print is highly under the influence of Augmented reality flyers due to its greater ROIs and KPIs. You must want to know the future of AR OOH advertising for your marketing plans.
Marketers are trying to find innovative ways to use AR technology in their marketing campaigns and augmented reality flyers can be a possible answer to their calls. They are the gears to transform a stagnant piece of paper into a live event experience. Mothercare has used augmented reality to the fullest to link up together their physical and digital platforms following a 360-degree gyro functionality enabled virtual tours to their nurseries.

Augmented reality flyers for advertising

With augmented reality flyers, you can bring life to the world around you. Design the artwork that is super interactive and full of animated features and put them all on an augmented reality flyer. A scan-able flyer will do the job of pitching and pursuing your customer with highly engaging content on it. People will more likely try the visually appealing menu on your restaurant’s AR flyer.

Emerging advertising tactics with AR flyers

AR is the key to create interactive solutions for the future of advertisement.

Create unique experience

Connect with the content on an emotional level.
They want to live the moment and most likely refer it to others as reminisces. Once caught up by the occurrence it will always be their point of reference.

Enable tracking and geolocation

AR technology promises results that traditional marketing fails to commit.
It is targeted marketing and trackable results. Marketers are prone to use this technology because it gives a level next insight about their audience that is helpful to develop future marketing strategies.

Enable higher engagement and interactive ads

Lit up and live the life in Creative Images
Add additional information to your flyer that was not there in the print publication. Additional information means a stretched opportunity to pitch and persuade customers.


If you want to make a mark as an industry leader and be the talk of the town nailing at marketing stunts, Augmented Reality Flyers are a promising bet. They are highly engaging, super interactive, and have a lasting impact on brand recognition and lead generation.