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Marketing Activation with Sanitizing Kiosks

The emergence of Coronavirus pandemic has brought challenges to the global marketing industry. This is because the traditional OOH marketing methods are no longer effective, after the government urged people to stay and work from home to control spread of the deadly virus. However, on the other side there are great opportunities that marketers can leverage on, and still reach their target audience. Marketing activation with sanitizing kiosks is one of the best approaches to reach the target audience. So, how does the concept of activation with sanitizing kiosks work?

How the concept of Market Activation with Sanitizing Kiosks Works

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in collaboration with World Health Organization continues to advocate for regular hand sanitization as an effective approach against Coronavirus. Thus, as the economy reopens after months of lockdown and global cessation of movements, we see hand sanitization kiosks have been installed within all public areas. This includes entry and exit points at the shopping malls, the government offices, places of worship, and even shop fronts across the streets. Thus, marketers have a great opportunity and can target their customers as they walk in and out of the hand sanitization locations.
The hand sanitization kiosks feature static or digital displays. Marketers can come up with custom adverts placed at the static or the digital screens, in order to reach the target audience. Activation with sanitization kiosks is the latest trend and one that offers several benefits to the marketers. Here are some of the advantages of using this approach to reach your target customers.

Activation with Sanitizing Kiosks

1.      Delivers a Sensitive Message

Activation with sanitizing kiosks is beneficial since it helps the advertisers to deliver a sensitive message to their audience. First, the approach shows the target customer that the advertiser cares about the customer, hence the reason for supplying the hand sanitization kiosks. Thus, the focus is not only on market activation, but also on the well-being of the customers. Thus, the customer sees the associated brand as a valuable partner and forms a lasting connection with the brand.

2.      Cost Effective Market Activation Approach

Another top reason to use sanitization kiosks as market activation tool has to do with the costs involved. Ideally, the approach costs less than you would pay to put up billboards across the major highways and at the subways. Therefore, for just a fraction of the cost involved in putting up the billboards, you will be able to reach hundreds of customers across the country.

3.      Appealing and Memorable Advertising Approach

Third advantage of market activation with sanitizing kiosks is that creative ad placements grab the attention of your customers. Therefore, the target audience will have a lasting memory in his mind about the brand. The next time the customer goes out shopping and comes across your products or requires services, the advertisement message is still fresh in their mind. Remember that you can deliver custom messages to your target audience using activation with sanitizing kiosks.


Are you looking for the best approach to reach your target audience? Activation with sanitizing kiosks is the best approach you can use to reach your target audience. Contact Adzze today for the best strategies and professional guidance when it comes to market activation with sanitizing kiosks.