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Cannabis Advertising

Cannabis Advertising: What is Permitted To Do?

The cannabis market continues to experience rapid growth. The rapid growth of the Cannabis market follows the legalization of medical marijuana. As of November 2020, 33 states in the US had legalized medical cannabis. Besides, eleven states have legalized recreational usage of marijuana. On the same note, we have seen the legalization of medical marijuana spreading outside of the US, particularly in Paraguay and Canada.
Therefore, the cannabis market report projects upward growth in the years to come. A statement by Grand view research shows that the legal marijuana size is expected to hit USG 73.6 Billion by 2027. Therefore, there is no doubt that the marijuana market is exploding. For marijuana producers and marketers to win, there is a need to ensure effective cannabis advertising. However, even before thinking about marijuana advertising strategies, marketers should evaluate the cannabis regulatory landscape. That way, the marketers will be aware of the existing vital restrictions.

An overview of Marijuana Regulatory Landscape

According to the NCBI, the movement to legalize and regulate retail marijuana is growing. Generally, marijuana regulations follow the US alcohol policy. Therefore, similar to the alcohol regulation policy, marijuana regulations do not aim towards minimizing consumption and relative health effects.
Therefore, as marijuana producers and marketers seek to invest in cannabis advertising, there is the need to be aware of the state policies. This is regarding the legalization and regulation of recreational marijuana. Besides, the producers should be mindful of the fact that marijuana remains illegal under federal law. Also, marijuana is listed as a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled substances Act.

What Are the Challenges Facing Cannabis Advertising?

Challenges Facing Cannabis Advertising
Marijuana usage is still under strict regulation in various states in the US. Therefore, it is clear that cannabis marketers and advertisers should expect a host of challenges. This begs the question, what challenges does cannabis advertising experience?
For businesses in the marijuana industry, raising awareness, recognition, sales, and loyalty for brands and products is not just a walk in the park. Here is an overview of the challenges facing cannabis advertising.

Varying Cannabis Advertising Restrictions

The restrictions surrounding cannabis advertising and marketing vary from one city to another. Therefore, advertisers have to spend more time analyzing the applicable limits as they venture to different cities, counties, and states.

Age-Based Restrictions Complicate Cannabis Advertising

Cannabis advertisers have to ensure that the audience is over 21 years old. This creates a restriction when it comes to the mode of advertising to be used.

Federal Restrictions

Above the state restrictions, we have federal limits on the usage and advertising of marijuana. For instance, the US post service will not deliver anything promoting a cannabis retailer.

How Adzze Can Help with Cannabis Advertising

To reach potential consumers, cannabis manufacturers and marketers can apply guerilla-marketing techniques. Adzze is building capacity to help cannabis marketers reach target customers through advertising in creative vehicles as bar coasters, pizza boxes, and door hangers. Through these strategies, the cannabis advertising industry can reach the target audience without breaching the applicable regulations.


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