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Marijuana Advertisement with Bar Coasters

Marijuana Advertisement with Bar Coasters

The global marijuana products market can expect to maintain a global compound annual growth rate of 40.4% for 2020-2025. The rapid growth is owing to the growing adoption of marijuana products in treating various medical conditions. Besides, marijuana products are being used for recreational purposes, resulting in an increased demand for these products.
Therefore, the marijuana industry has become lucrative. More investors are showing interest, hence the emergence of new entrants. The existing companies are beginning to diversify while increasing the investments in Research and design, establishing joint ventures, and, most importantly, improving marijuana advertisement techniques. All these efforts focus on building capacity to ensure maximum return on investments.
However, marketing marijuana products experience various challenges. Here is an overview of the challenges to expect when it comes to marijuana advertising.
1. Strict regulatory measures affecting the approaches used by the marijuana companies
2. Age restrictions affect marijuana advertisements’ placement, while the manufacturers are expected to display the age requirements.
3. Social media platforms have been shutting down cannabis-related pages, making it difficult for cannabis companies to advertise via social media.
4. The majority of advertisement platforms will not accept marijuana advertisements due to the stigma associated with the products.
Therefore, marijuana producers, processors, and marketers are forced to look for different approaches to generate brand awareness. This is because traditional advertisement approaches are no longer practical. Why are the conventional advertisement methods no longer useful?
Here are some of the reasons why:
1. Regulatory measures do not allow the advertisers to use the traditional advertisement methods. This is considering that the adverts may be displayed to the underage audience. For instance, the placement of billboards may result in a violation of existing regulations.
2. The global pandemic affects advertising through outdoor techniques as people are constraining themselves to indoors to prevent further spread of the virus.
3. The traditional advertisement platforms like the radio and TV may not accept marijuana advertisement, as cannabis is still not allowed under federal law.
Therefore, the use of traditional methods for marijuana advertisements is no longer an effective method. To that end, there is a need to ensure a creative advertisement method to ensure brand awareness and reach a broad audience.

Marijuana Advertisement through Ambient Techniques

The use of ambient techniques is helping brands to reach their target audience. To understand how to let us define what ambient advertising refers to:
Pizza delivery
Generally, ambient advertising refers to using creative techniques, placing the adverts in unusual and unexpected places. Therefore, the advertisers use various concepts like advertising on pizza boxes or advertising on the door hangings. Eventually, the advertiser can reach a broad audience while ensuring that the advertisement is delivered effectively.
An excellent example of Ambient Advertising is the use of  bar coaster advertising. This refers to placing the CBD ads on the bar coaster to target the patrons. Therefore, it is an effective in-hand advertising technique.


Ambient marketing is the best technique for displaying marijuana advertisements without breaking the law. Talk to Adzze today for the best ambient marketing techniques.