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Here the 4 Reasons Why AR Print Advertising is the Future

Here The 4 Reasons Why AR Print Advertising Is The Future

AR print advertising is a trend that has seen a high level of uptake among different brands. Today, we see brands coming up with powerful advertisement campaigns that go viral within no time. The improved Ad delivery is resulting in higher conversion rates, and improved return on investment, for the brands that chose AR print advertising. This is given that over 100 million customers prefer using AR when shopping. Besides, 9 out of 10 brand advertisers are already using or planning to use AR in their marketing campaigns.
In this post, we look at the reasons AR print advertising is the future. Therefore, if you are hoping to improve your print adverts in the near future, here are important considerations you need to bear in mind.

1.    Traditional Print Advertising Is Becoming Obsolete

One of the trends that we can anticipate when it comes to print advertising is that brands will no longer use the traditional print advertising. Instead, brands will switch to a more innovative print advertising that involves using AR to reach the target audience. This is considering that AR print advertising comes with benefits, and so brands that are looking for a better way to reach the target audience stand a higher chance of achieving their dreams. Overtime, traditional print advertising will become obsolete.

Marketers are Using AR Print Marketing

2.    Augmented Reality Will Enable Greater Brand Targeting and Ad Engagement

When it comes to advertising, nothing helps brands than ensuring high level targeting. Therefore, if you are looking for an approach of reaching your target audience, technologies like AR print marketing will aid your targeting efforts. This is considering that brands that switch to AR print advertising will be a position of telling who interacts with their adverts, and at what time/place. Eventually, such brands will generate a higher engagement rate.

3.    Better Ad Tracking

Tracking advertisements enables brands to strategize the future campaigns. This is because through the reports from such targeting, the brand can tell which ad formats generate higher engagement rates, and which others do not seem to perform to their expectations. Therefore, AR in print advertising enables brands to come up with powerful advertisements. This is because they can track who interacted with the advertisement, and even to what level. It is through such efforts that brands are able to retarget and even re-post the older advertisements based on the potential realized when they used the advertisement to reach the target audience. Are you using the traditional print advertising? The reality is that you may not be able to track Ad engagements, and even tell which ads generate higher conversion rates. However, switching to AR print advertising will enable you to track ads performance, and deliver better advertising.

4.    Higher conversion Rates Due To Improved Ad Recall Rate

When it comes to ad conversion rate, it depends on how impressive your advertisement is. Therefore, use of AR print advertising makes it possible for brands to generate a higher Ad recall rate. In that regard, the advertisers enjoy a higher brand recall rate, resulting to increased conversion rate.


Traditional print advertising is going to become obsolete in the near future. This is as AR print advertising takes over, because it generates increased conversion rates and ensures a higher ad engagement.