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Creative Box Top Advertising

Brand Awareness Through Creative Box Top Advertising

Creative box top advertising is an ingenious way to reach people in their safest place-their homes. As we already know, COVID has left us with irreversible and long-lasting consequences that we will have to deal with for quite a long time. It has altered people’s lifestyles and brought changes in the advertising market. With people changing their preferences from working out to working from home, marketers have to come up with some creative advertising ideas that reach their target audience and deliver positive outcomes.

Advertising on Pizza Box

Pizza box top advertising is one of many creative methods proven effective in COVID. Because people are more inclined to spend most of their time at home, the most effective way to reach them is by advertising on delivery boxes or door hangers. The food industry and many other companies have adapted to advertising through home delivery because of its effective results.

How does box top advertising work?

You should hop on the bandwagon of box top advertising and make the most use of it. You can use pizza boxes for advertising on the box top, among other options. For the pizza box top advertising, you must first choose well-known pizzerias with strong brand recognition and the ability to reach a large number of customers. Your advertisement will be printed on the pizza box top and delivered to the hands of consumers.

Pizza Box Advertising

In the case of pizza box top advertising, the consumer will have an average of 45 minutes of interaction time and plenty of time for your brand exposure.

What are the benefits of creative box-top advertising?

Creative box top advertising has yielded many effective outcomes, such as increasing brand exposure and being affordable advertising. It has come a long way.

Pizza Box Advertising Ideas

Here are some significant benefits of creative box top advertising:

Higher brand recall

When creative box top advertising reaches consumers in their homes, they will have increased brand exposure. It increases the chances of a higher brand recall rate. When you create an eye-catching box-top advertisement, it will attract consumer attention. Furthermore, studies show that box top advertising increases brand recall by 80%.

Boost your return on investment (ROI).

Ingenious advertisements like  box top advertising have produced higher ROI. Creative ads like these capture consumer attention for a longer time and thus increase brand recall, resulting in higher ROI. The average ROI of creative box top advertising is 2.5x.

It is less costly

Box top advertising is less costly than traditional advertising like billboards. For instance, the exact budget for locating billboards for one month is sufficient to distribute 60,000 boxes.

A comparison of traditional and creative box-top advertising.

Traditional advertising like billboards and direct mail is $14,000-20,000/month and $0.20-0.40 per unit. At around the budget of traditional billboards for one month, one can reach 60,000 households through pizza box top advertising with an increased recall rate. Direct mail rates are similar, but in terms of practical results, pizza box top advertising has a 100% visual rate, unlike direct mail, which mostly goes unnoticed.
Adzze has built capabilities to work on creative box top advertising that reaches consumers in their safe place.