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Cheap Billboard Advertisement Is A Myth

The Reasons Cheap Billboard Advertisement Is A Myth

The Covid-19 pandemic sent much of the world into lockdown just few months after it was detected. Businesses reacted rapidly, reorganizing the supply chains, adopting to the work from home model and taking on creative advertising approaches. The health experts rolled out vaccines with unprecedented swiftness and the population was quick to accept the vaccinations. Today, many boardroom discussions are on post pandemic recovery, and adopting the new normal to ensure business continuity. For marketers, the focus is on ensuring a cost effective approach to reach the target audience. Cheap billboard advertisement is a myth and advertisers should focus on affordable and effective approaches. Despite the fact that economic recovery seems promising, there will never be such a time when the billboard advertising will become the cheapest approach.

Billboard costs vs. In-Hand Advertising

Consider that businesses have reopened, and so the billboards will cost more. The billboard companies argue that there are more people heading out, and so billboards reach a higher audience. Therefore, there is no such time when you can expect the cost of billboard advertising to come down. Here are additional reasons to stay away from billboard advertising.

Poor Targeting

Billboards are not as effective when it comes to targeting the right audience. Similar to TV adverts, billboards broadcast the message to the general audience. In that regard, the advertiser might not be able to reach a large pool of the right audience. This makes billboard advertising unreliable.

Expensive Advertising Method

Another shortfall when it comes to use of billboards to advertise is that they are expensive to put up. The advertiser will have to pay for Ad space, the cost of putting up the billboard, and pay monthly subscriptions. In-hand advertising costs 7 times less than the total of billboard advertising. Despite the fact that billboard advertising costs 7 times than what you pay for in-hand advertising, the return on investment is still very poor.

Short attention Span

Another reason to avoid advertising using billboards is the short attention span you get. Consider that billboards are commonly placed on roadsides, and so speeding drivers will not give the advert the attention you hoped to enjoy.
Overall, billboard advertising is not the best option that advertisers have. Rather than advertise using billboards, go for the in-hand advertising which is cost effective, yields higher ROI and is the best method of advertising when it comes to targeting the right audience. Here are some of the best in-hand advertising methods today.

What is In-Hand advertising

·         Bar Coaster Advertising

Suitable for bars and restaurants, bar coaster advertising has the potential to generate up to 700,000 impressions per month. With an expected recall rate of 50%, bar coaster advertising is good enough for brand awareness campaign. Use bar coaster advertising to target youthful generation.

·         Door Hanger Advertising

Are you targeting American households? The best approach of getting your brand in many households is door hanger advertising. As the name depicts, this involves putting branded door hangers on the door used by the target audience. Thus, when homeowners are returning home or leaving the house, they interact with the advertisement.

·         Pizza Box Marketing

Pizza box top is another strategic option for advertisers. Thus, the advertiser will approach famous pizzerias and offer them branded pizza box tops to be used on all pizza deliveries. The advertisement message is visible to the recipient, making it easy to reach the target audience.

·         Coffee sleeve Advertising

Suitable for use at the coffee shops, coffee sleeve advertising can generate up to 1.7 million impressions per month. The approach is suitable when targeting millennials and provides an expected recall rate of 70-80%.

·         Sanitization stations

Sanitizing stations with displays present a great opportunity for advertisers to reach the target audience. Using the sanitizing stations, you can reach the US adult demographics, and generate up to 1.7 million impressions per month.


Therefore, in—hand advertising is the best approach when it comes to reaching the target audience and on a budget. For an effective in-hand marketing campaign, talk to Adzze.