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Door Hanger Advertising - Door Hanging Flyers

Why You Should Consider Door Hanging Flyer For Advertising

Door Hanging Flyer: learn more about this non-conventional tactics.

The future of OOH Advertising
As the effects of the economic impact of COVID-19 crisis continue to spread and spill over the advertising industry, advertisers are facing the challenge to adapt the advertising message and tactics.  At the end of March, Gartner reported that 65% of chief marketing officers (CMOs) surveyed were planning to cut marketing budgets as a result of business disruptions from the coronavirus. The survey showed that 34% of businesses expect “reduced levels of business operations” due to COVID-19.
Agencies will be required to change their advertising method. The traditional out-of-home advertising in malls, at bus shelters, will be fast replaced by in-home advertising. The lockdowns will keep people more distanced and inside their homes. Hence, the best ways to reach the audience will be to take your advertising message to them indoors.

Let’s bounce some ideas?

Adzze has been working with its clients to adapt to a more sensitive message. The team has been extending the capabilities to offer advertising options that can reach the consumers at their safest place: at home. One of these concepts uses Door Hanger Marketing that gets delivered at the homes of the audience.
Typically, the return of the  Door Hanger Advertising investment is 3x, this means for every $1 invested, the advertiser receives $3 back (you can see more details on the ROI calculation at the end of this article).

Door Hanging Flyer - door hanger flyers

Door Hanger Marketing: How does it Work?

The message of the advertiser is printed on door hangers and placed on the doorknob of households. Door Hanger Marketing  is an unconventional marketing tactics since the targeted audience do not expect to see the ad hanging on their doorknob.  The surprise effect of seeing flyers door hangers causes a cognitive stimulus on the consumers which enhances the assimilation of the message and makes it memorable. The households can be targeted by specific demographics and the advertiser must partner with the capable Door Hanger Advertising company to ensure to track the door hanger delivery to the targeted addresses. Typically, the return of Door Hanger Advertisement program is 3x, this means for every $1 invested, the advertiser receives $3 back (you can see more details on the ROI calculation at the end of this article).

door hanger flyers

The advertising industry is one of the most enduring but very dynamic. Traditionally, advertisers relied on print media and TV to reach as many people as possible. The effectiveness of these advertising avenues increased as more people installed TVs in their living rooms. Interestingly, the message in an ad could reach over 200 million people in the US, but without the guarantee of recruitment. It is because many TV watchers detest ads and view them as a nuisance.
The effectiveness of TV as a platform for advertising could be the reason behind falling TV ad spending. Interestingly, advertisers are migrating to alternatives like digital platforms because of increasing usage by the target audience. According to eMarketer, 2019 could be the year that digital media surpasses traditional media in ad revenue. Notably, digital media should account for more than 55% of total ad spending by the end of 2019. Nevertheless, digital media, like traditional media, suffers from a lack of attention and an inability for exact audience targets. Therefore, it is inevitable for advertisers to consider other alternatives like in-the-hand advertising.
Many advertisers still spend millions on print advertising and direct mail. Most people take the envelope right out of their mailboxes and drop it straight into the trash. Do you really want to be spending your valuable advertising resources on filling up someone’s garbage can? A recent Accenture Report (The Future of Advertising, 2016) surveyed executives who concluded that they expect ads to be increasingly focused on the consumer— meaning more personalized, targeted, and valuable.

Door Hanger Ads


How do Door Hanger Advertising solve this problem? The advertiser is given the option to drive a very specific targeting method by selecting the households according to the location (Zip code or addresses), income, social and ethical. The differential vs print or direct mail, the consumer cannot ignore your message placed on the door hangers since its hanging on their doorknob. The surprising effect helps the brain of the receiver to process it differently and enhances the assimilation of the message. This is the key factor that drives success of Door Advertising. This concept of door hanger delivery is very different than a boring mail message amount many others. The changes are higher that the consumer will respond to the promo code or discount placed on flyers door hangers.  In addition, the message delivered by door hanger distributors n be customized to that specific target group. The advertiser can include a discount coupon or voucher to provide even more purchase incentive and drive sales.

Stay-at-Home Ads with Door Hangers

During this crisis marketers will have to adapt and to stay on top of the latest trends. Its critical to improve type of advertising message shifting it to more sensitive perspective. The business of marketing is changing in the age of COVID-19. Whether its effects are brief or prolonged, marketers need to be nimble in these challenging times, and pivot when needed while optimizing performance throughout the crisis.
A noticeable new normal in consumer behaviour is the increased demand for food delivery services. According to NPD, 48.5% of all restaurant spending was for off-premise orders in the past 12 months and this is expected to accelerate during the lock down. Adzze has been working with its clients to adapt to a more sensitive message. The team has been extending the capabilities to offer advertising options that can reach the consumers at their safest place: at home.
In-the-hand marketing is a novel technique that targets audiences in unconventional places. For example, putting an ad on door hanging flyer hits the audience unexpectedly. This element of surprise is crucial in attracting audience attention. This kind of marketing is quite unconventional as it captures the attention of the target audience thoroughly. Besides, the advertiser can pinpoint the section of the audience that is most relevant. For instance, if one wanted to advertise a retirement benefits product, one can target houses for the aging.  Since the ad appears on the doorknob, there is no way the target audience can miss the message
Use of the flyers enables advertisers to target a specific section of the audience. For instance, advertisers could place the flyers on doors to hotel rooms. Using data from the hotel, it is easy to make sense of the individuals that use their rooms. As such, one can easily come up with the profile of the target audience. There are several aspects to be considered while running a door hanger campaign, these 2 articles elaborate on the best practices: best practices and Door Hanger Delivery: Best Practices to Run a Promotion.
Other articles discuss the ROI and conversion rates: Can Door Hangers Distribution Earn Higher Conversion Rates Compared To OOH Ads?
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Door Hanger Advertisement

Think this as small moving billboard on the door of your audience

Statistics in the advertising industry shows that gaining brand attention is getting more expensive. For instance, Procter & Gamble alone spent $2.9 billion in ads in 2018. This amount is ridiculous, especially for small businesses. In contrast, door hanger advertising will cost you less while giving your business personalized attention. Interestingly, this personalized attention is what converts an individual into a customer.