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Door Hanging Advertising Delivers A Message Safely

Door Hanging Advertising Delivers A Message Safely

The Coronavirus is shaking up businesses and the economy at large. One of the economic sectors hit by the pandemic at a massive scale is the advertising industry. The traditional advertising methods are no longer effective when it comes to generating a huge number of impressions. This is considering that public health experts have warned against mass gatherings. And as you already know, traditional advertising methods such as placement of billboards and mounting Ads on trucks depend on human traffic to generate impressions.
Therefore, as citizens continue observing the social distancing guidelines and restricting themselves only to essential travel, the number of impressions generated by the traditional advertisement methods has gone down.
Owing to the sharp drop ineffectiveness of the these traditional advertising methods when it comes to reaching targeted customers, the average spending on Ads has decreased. Therefore, the advertisers who depend on traditional methods to reach the target customers continue to feel the adverse effects. Apart from the use of billboards and the track ads, advertisements on the subways is also generating a minimal amount of impressions. This is as the citizens choose to stay home, while those that have to travel, prefer private cars, to avoid likely congestions at the national subways.

Need to Adopt the At Home Advertisement Methods

Therefore, we are seeing that more people are opting to work from home. Therefore, the number of commuters has decreased substantially. This is following the adoption of remote collaboration using technology. Therefore, organizations are allowing their employees to work from home, which avoids travel. So, how can advertisers reach the target audience while working from home?

Door Hanging Advertising

The perfect approach is use of in-the-hand advertising methods like door hanging advertising, to reach the target audience. Therefore, the adverts will be printed on the door hangers that are placed at the door, reaching your target customers.

How Does Door Hanging Advertising Work?

The method involves printing the advertisement on the door hangers. The advertisers will then distribute the door hangers to carefully selected households. Targeting can be done using various demographic indicators like age, location, ethnicity, marital status, age, and other factors.
In addition, before printing the advertisements, it is important to find out the best approach to package the message. This is in order to ensure the advertisement has a lasting impression on the target audience.
When the target customers reach the door handles, they will interact with the advert. In that regard, there are high chances that the target audience will respond positively. Typically, the use of door hanging advertising is an effective method when it comes to in-the-hand advertising methods. Therefore, it is an the best alternative to the traditional advertisement methods. Try the door hanging advertising method for better results.
At Adzze, we are helping customers deliver the best when it comes to door hanging advertising. Therefore, if you are looking for an effective approach to reach the target customers, talk to us for a personalized door hanger advertising method.