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Door Hanger Advertising

Door Hanger Advertising: Program Overview

Campaign reach: Households
Campaign time: minimum 2 zones (each zone 5,000 households)
Est. impressions: 0.5M per zone
Expected recall rate: +40%
Audience demographics: Average US household demographics

Differently from Direct Mails, Door Hanger Advertising is an unconventional way to not get ignored
How does it work?
Your logo and message are printed on door hangers and distributed to the households in the zip code you selected. Technology solutions are used  to target demographic profiles such as income, age, ethnicity, marital status, so that we hit your exact target-market. In addition, the segmentation method enables to evaluate annual spend criteria so that you have a better insight into the spend behavior of the target audience.  The consumers will be positively surprised if you door hanger brings them value as coupons or discounts
Usually when you check your mailbox, it is full of advertisements and it gets easily ignored and sent to garbage. Research studies demonstrate that most customers that ignore direct mails is because they receive too many of them every day (Burstein, Marketing Sherpa Study, 2017).  Different from direct mail, Door Hangers are unique. Think about it: over the past week, how many mails ads did you receive v.s. Door Hangers?
Door Hangers are more effective because the customers are not used to receive it every day – it is unconventional
You advertisement will not be ignored  the audience must touch it since they must be physically removed.
The unconventional nature of this type of advertisement can surprise people and make them assimilate your message
Increment revenues: use coupons or QR code to provide a discount for your offerings. Use the redemption rate to track the ROI of your advertisement spend
New product launch: target high-income and high-spend neighbors to promote the launch of your new offering
Promoting a new location: target specific Zip codes to raise awareness of the new location. Deliver a welcoming message to make them visit your business
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