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Promotional Advertisement

These are the Best Practices in Promotional Advertisement

Promotional advertisement refers to offering Additional incentives for making a purchase. Thus, the marketer may offer incentives like coupons, temporary price reductions or promotional gifts and giveaways to attract the target customers.  Through offering promotional merchandize, the businessperson hopes to increase not only immediate sales but also achieve customer loyalty.
Customers will often come back to the shop to purchase more because they know there is an incentive for every purchase. Therefore, the store will attain more sales, while securing a royal customer base. For promotional advertising to work effectively, the incentives should be regular. Besides, there are high chances that the sales will begin to decline after the promotion ends. Therefore, promotional advertising may not be an effective approach, especially for startups and medium businesses. Here are some of the reasons why promotional advertising is not an effective approach in business.

Adds to the Overall cost of Production

The overall cost of production is already high. Introducing cost of acquiring promotional merchandise only increases the cost of getting the products to the market. Therefore, the business owner will have to increase the selling price to earn profits.

Short Term Orientation

Promotional advertisements run for a short period. Although the short terms promotional advertisements may yield positive results, this may not be the case past the promotional window. Thus, promotional advertisement may not be a sustainable approach for your business.

In-Hand Advertisement is the Best Option

When it comes to building a loyal customer base, in-hand advertisement is the best alternative for your business. In-hand advertising can be compared to placing your brand name to the hands of your target customer. Therefore, the target audience interacts with your brand name often, which increases the chances of remembering your name when they are ready to purchase.

What is In-Hand advertising

Examples of In-hand advertising include:

1.      Sanitizing Stations

Indoor Advertising with Sanitizing Stations - Promotional Advertisement
The sanitizing stations with display screens present a potential place for advertising your products. The sanitizers have become popular at this time when Coronavirus is a threat to humanity. By sanitizing station advertising, you can reach a high number of target customers.

2.      Coffee sleeve Advertising

Coffee cup Ads
Coffee shops are open once again, and coffee lovers can enjoy their favorite drink. For advertisers, this is a strategic opportunity as they can target their customers through coffee sleeve advertising.

3.      Pizza Box Advertising

Pizza Box Advertising
Another great in hand advertising idea is printing of adverts on the pizza box top. The advertiser approaches the pizzeria outlet and presents to them nicely branded pizza box tops. As the pizza is delivered to customers, your brand awareness is growing.

4.      Door Hanger Marketing

door hanger marketing compan
Placing door hangers on the doorknob offers a great opportunity to reach the target audience. Thus, when the home owners are coming back home, they interact with your brand. This interaction occurs repeatedly, allowing the message to sink into their mind

5.      Bar coaster Adverting

coaster advertising
Suitable for bars and restaurants, bar coaster advertising can reach younger generation. The method offers an expected reach of 50%.


We have looked at the various in hand advertising approaches for your business. Talk to Adzze for the best in-hand advertising ideas. We have built the capacity required to provide high-quality advertisements.