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Mobile Truck Advertising: Your Ad Might Cause Bad Reputation

Out of home (OOH), advertising is an essential medium through which companies build brand awareness. One of the most popular OOH advertising platforms is mobile truck advertising, whereby trucks ferry billboards to target locations during an ad campaign.

Mobile truck advertising promises high exposure but low conversion

Sure, trucks traverse thousands of miles in a day, exposing billboards to thousands of people. Mainly, periods of traffic on highways are the most effective since people inside cars are exposed to the message for longer duration. Studies show that 91% of people inside vehicles look at truck side billboards actively at the time of exposure. However, under 35% of the viewers follow up on the advertisement on online platforms, the study further reveals. Of the 35% who follow up on the ad, just a handful make a direct action, making the medium quite inefficient.
Backers of mobile truck advertising argue that the medium reaches consumers “at the point of purchase.” On the upside, this is an advantage because it enables advertisers to reach deep into the market. However, the advertising medium suffers from similar issues that plague the entire OOH advertising sector. Notably, advertisers are unable to pinpoint the exact section of the target audience that they would like to reach. It explains the low rates of brand engagement.

You risk a bad reputation

Relying on trucks to ferry your messages during ad campaigns carries other risks that you might not be prepared to tackle. For example, your brand will take the heat if the driver of the truck misbehaves on the road. Customers tend to associate the brand with the behavior of the truck drivers. It is because the customers believe the trick drivers represent your brand wherever they drive to.
Additionally, if the billboard on the truck is faded, customers may view that as a sign of negligence. Notably, customers are sensitive people, and a small thing is big enough to send them scattering away from your business. Billboards that are not attended to communicate a different message, one that tells the customers that your business might ignore them soon after. Your business should not suffer such an embarrassment.
From the preceding, it is prudent to keep the billboards on the truck side in good condition at all times. It means that you will be spending extra money, which is unplanned for, to ensure that you protect the reputation of the business.
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