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Sanitizing Station Marketing Campaigns

Marketers have used the promotional kiosks concept for decades. While the concept remains the same, the approach has changed over the past years. We have seen the promotional kiosks evolve from the static display screens to the digital display screens, controlled remotely. With the emergence of Coronavirus, we are seeing marketers coming up with sanitizing station marketing campaigns based on the promotional kiosks concept. This is following the increased usage of sanitization stations across various public locations.  The sanitizing station marketing campaigns have proven to be an effective way to reach target audience. In this post, we explain how the sanitizing station marketing campaigns work.

How Does Sanitizing Station Marketing Campaigns work?

Sanitizing Station Marketing
Health experts have advised that regular hand sanitization is the best approach for controlling the spread of Coronavirus. Thus, hand sanitization stations have become popular around the public places like the places of worship, stadiums, government offices, across the streets, shop fronts and even at the shopping malls. Therefore, marketers have a unique chance to reach their target audience through sanitizing station marketing campaigns.
The approach involves printing high-quality advertisement messages and logos, which marketers place on the sanitizing stations with display screens. The overall objective is to target the people who are walking to the hand sanitization stations. The average person will take about 20 – 40 seconds at the hand sanitization station, depending on traffic. Therefore, this is a great chance to place your brand and advertisement message in the hands of potential customers.
Moreover, most of the hand sanitization stations are placed at open locations, and even those passing by can see the advertisement message.  Therefore, to achieve brand exposure, the marketer must come up with a high-quality advert that captures the interest of the target audience.

Hand sanitization kiosks

What are the Advantages of Using Sanitizing Station Marketing Campaigns?

1.      Increased Brand Exposure

One of the top reasons to use sanitizing station marketing campaigns is the opportunity for increased brand exposure. Remember that the average person spends about 40 seconds at the hand sanitization station, and this depends on the traffic. Besides, the hand sanitization stations are placed in open locations, and even people who are not using the station will see the advertisement message. To achieve increased brand exposure, the advertiser will have to come up with a creative advertisement message, and one that connects with the target audience.

2.      Cheaper Advertisement Approach

Another reason to consider sanitizing station marketing campaigns has to do with costs. Compared to the cost of running an advert in your local TV station or even the cost of putting up a billboard and maintaining the billboard, the sanitizing station marketing campaigns offers a great saving. Therefore, the approach is great for the advertisers who are looking for cost effective advertising approach.

3.      Positive Brand Reputation

Installing a hand sanitization station at your shop front is a great indication that indeed you care about the health of your customers. This indeed is a great way to win the heart of your customers, and an opportunity to attain positive brand reputation. However, you ought to ensure you are using the right approach, for you to enjoy the rewards associated with sanitizing station marketing campaigns.


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