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Can your company advertise with Custom Hand Sanitizers?

Modern marketers recognize the importance of tapping into human emotion. However, very few brands have the ability to connect with people on a deeper level. That said, brands can leverage on everyday items like hand sanitizers to connect with the consumer. This is through the addition of custom messages on the hand sanitizer bottles and targeting the potential audience. The concept does not require sacrificing sleep to implement. It is quite simple and if best practices are followed, the results can be amazing.

So how can your brand advertise with custom hand sanitizers?

The hand sanitizers effectively kill germs, and so go a long way in stopping the spread of infections. We are at a time when everyone is feeling the effects of COVID 19. Knowing that the virus can spread from one person to another, the sanitizers have become a necessity, owing to their effectiveness in fighting the spread of the deadly virus.
People use the hand sanitizer countless times. This means that a custom advertisement message placed on the hand sanitizer will be seen several times a day. According to Mr., Smith, the more the number of times an advert is seen, the more effective the advertising method. This proves that placing a custom message on a frequently used item like the hand sanitizer is an effective form of advertising.

How to Ensure Effective Advertising With Custom Hand Sanitizer


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1. Target the Right audience

For the custom hand sanitizer adverts to work, make sure you deliver the hand sanitizers with your custom message to the right audience. For instance, let us say you are advertising sanitary pads for girls. Distributing the hand sanitizers with sanitary pads adverts at boys-only high school does not help. Thus, research the audience and make sure you deliver the custom hand sanitizers where they are.  This is to maximize reach, which in turn helps increase conversion rate.

2. Keep the Message Simple

Too much information in a small space can be confusing. Therefore, do not throw as much on there as you think is right. It is advisable that you keep the advertisement message short and precise.

3. Use High-Quality Images

Visual messages are easy to remember compared to text. Therefore, add an image with legible typefaces and ensure it is clear and crisp. It is advisable to add the brand logo for the customers to identify your products easily.

4. Make the Ad Stand Out

Hire an experienced hand-advertising expert to design and place the custom hand sanitizer advertisements. This ensures high-quality imagery making sure the advert attracts the user’s attention.

Which companies are using the Custom Hand Sanitizers to Advertise?

The use of custom hand sanitizers to advertise is a cost-effective strategy. Organizations that saw the opportunity and implemented it are already ripping benefits. This is in the form of increased brand awareness and increased sales. A good example is 3M Co. a company operating under various segments including industrial safety, transportation, and electronics. Another example is Procter and Gamble Co a global business leader.
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