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Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Advertising

Companies are benefiting from Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Advertising. Don’t Be Left

The Coronavirus outbreak has brought new changes in our lives. As we get used to the “new normal”, hand sanitizing has become a way of life. This is because of its effectiveness in stopping the spread of infectious agents. As a result, you will find hand sanitizer dispensers in various public places. This includes shopping mall entry points, schools and colleges, bus and train stations, airports, places of worship and other shared spaces.

How Does it Work? The Concept of Using Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Advertising

Have you seen those free standing or wall mounted hand sanitizer dispensers in grocery stores, airports, Government offices and even in hospitals?  They present a perfect opportunity for brands to reach the consumers.

Do you Brand move like that?

This is through placing targeted adverts on the hand sanitizer dispensers with digital display screen. Thus, businesses that will leverage this ambient advertising technique stand a chance to reach a wider audience.
Consider that the hand sanitizer dispense has become one of the elements that millions of consumers are interacting with frequently. Advertising on hand sanitizer dispenser allows businesses to localize the advert, hence achieve more conversions.

Examples of Brands that are benefiting from the use of Hand sanitizer dispensers to reach Target Audiences

Creativity and proper timing are sometimes all you need when marketing your brand, a new product, or a service. When businesses like NoviSign of Israel and One Digital Signage in the UK saw the opportunity to design sanitizer dispenser solutions with digital display, they struck the iron while it was hot!
Many businesses are benefiting from this concept. This is by placing their brand name and advertising new products on the digital signage display that is added to the sanitizer dispenser.

Hand sanitization kiosks


What are the Benefits of Advertising on the Hand Sanitizer Dispensers?

Create a Lasting Impression

Consumers are using the hand sanitizer dispensers frequently. As the consumer waits for the sanitizing gel, an unexpected advert capture is displayed right in front of them. The attention is undivided, and so the message is communicated effectively. This creates a lasting impact, and the next time the customer sees your brand name, they remember the advert and take the appropriate action.

Allows Targeted Advertising

The hand sanitizing dispensers have become common in public places. Thus, if you are targeting college students, you can effectively do so by placing an advertisement on the hand sanitizer dispenser placed right at the entry points. Through a custom message, you can target the right audience. The overall effect is increased conversions.

Cheaper and Effective

Compared to the conventional advertising methods, placing an advert on the digital signage of the hand sanitizer dispenser is by far a cost-saving advertisement method. The advert can run multiple times, and reach the right audience at a relatively lower cost.


As a leading provider of ambient advertising solutions, Adzze has seen a potential in hand sanitizer dispenser advertising. Our team is working on building capabilities to offer this option to our customers. Contact us today for more information.