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Latest Healthcare Marketing Trends 2021

Marketing Tips for Healthcare Marketing Agencies

Coronavirus has left adverse effects on the global economy, with the marketing sector among the worst affected. Thus, healthcare marketing agencies that have relied on the traditional forms of advertising for long are eager to find new ways of reaching their target audience. So, how can healthcare marketing agencies reach their target audience? One of the best concepts we found is through various ambient advertising approaches.

Pharmacy bags Vaccine (1)

Ambient advertising approaches revolve around using unusual advertising aids to reach the target audience. Thus, healthcare marketing agencies can utilize creative approaches like pharmacy bags and sanitizing station ads to reach their target audience. In this post, we review how the above ambient marketing approaches work, and how healthcare marketing agencies can apply them to reach their customers and deploy successful market activation campaigns.

Pharmacy Bag Advertising

Advertisement on pharmacy bags is one of the various segments of ambient advertising. The concept involves printing high-quality adverts or brand logo on the prescription packaging bags. The advertiser then distributes the printed distribution bags to the pharmacy stores. The pharmacy stores should be selected carefully, to make sure these are favorite places for the target audience.

Pharmacy bags ad

Therefore, whenever the customers walk in to purchase or pick prescription, the pharmacist uses the pharmacy bags to package the drugs. The unique marketing approach attracts over 15 minutes brand exposure, with guaranteed extended views as the customer carries the pharmacy bag to their homes or offices. Therefore, the brand exposure is to not only the patient, but also those around them. If healthcare marketing agencies deploy this approach effectively, they stand to attract a wide audience.

Sanitization Station Ads

Sanitization Stations - Promotional kiosk advertising
Sanitization stations have become common at the public places and at the shop fronts across the streets. The healthcare marketing agencies can take advantage of the sanitization stations to highlight their b rand to the target customers. The approach involves printing high-quality advertisements and placing the adverts on the digital or the static screens available on the sanitization screens. Therefore, when target customers walk in to sanitize their hands, there is brand exposure for more than one minute. The healthcare marketing agencies should ensure creative adverts in order to capture the attention of the target audience within the short period of using the hand sanitizer. The advantage of this approach is that the target audience will use the sanitization station more than once, and so the healthcare marketing agencies can expect repeated brand exposure at least every day.

Why Healthcare marketing agencies should Use Ambient Advertising

One of the top reasons to use the approach is repeated brand exposure. The pharmacy customer carries the prescription bag to their homes, and keeps it to store the medication. Every instance the patient is taking the medication; they interact with your brand logo and read the message.
Secondly, the cost of implementing these ambient advertising techniques is lower, compared to the cost of putting up a billboard or running adverts on local TV stations. Finally, ambient advertising offers better targeting as the pharmacy bags and the sanitizing station ads can hold custom advertisements.


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