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Viral Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

Learn More about These Viral Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

Guerilla marketing is an advertising tactic in which the advertiser uses unconventional interactions with the intention of promoting a product or a service. Therefore, guerilla marketing is different from the traditional advertisement methods. the viral guerilla marketing ideas rely on personal interaction to get the advertisement message across the intended audience. Therefore, the approach helps to boost sales through use of the viral guerilla marketing ideas. The marketing approach has increased in popularity, especially this time of the pandemic where the target audience are staying and working from home. Different guerrilla marketing concepts can help to create brand awareness. Let us evaluate some of the common guerilla advertising approaches available today.

1.     Door Hanger Advertising

Door Hanger Ads

One of the guerilla marketing techniques commonly used by the advertisers today involves printing of marketing messages on the door hangers. Therefore, the advertiser comes up with a creative brand message, and designs a creative advertisement. The advertiser identifies the residence of the potential customers. Then, the advertiser will print the adverts and hangs on the doorknobs. Therefore, customers interact with the advertisement as they come in and out of their residence.

2.     Advertising on Pharmacy Bags


Another example of guerilla advertising techniques is advertising on the pharmacy bags. The advertisers identify the potential pharmacies where the target audience are likely to purchase or collect prescription. Then, the advertiser will come up with a creative advertisement, and print on the prescription bags. As the patients collect their prescription, the pharmacists use the printed pharmacy bags to package the medication, and distribute to the target customers. Ideally, the advertisement method leaves a wow effect on the target audience. This is because the pharmacy bags are well designed and the advertisement message resonates with the target audience. Eventually, the advertisement reaches the target audience, and in an effective manner.

3.     Bar / Restaurant Coasters

restaurant placemat advertising

The third example of guerilla advertising techniques is use of the bar coasters. The marketers come up with an advertisement message and print the brand logo or the brand name on the bar coasters. Therefore, as the target audience comes to the bar or the restaurant to enjoy their favorite drink or meals, they interact with the advertisement message. First, the advertisement was not expected. This surprise effect is attractive to the potential customers. Second, the advert is seen repeatedly, and sinks into the mind of the target audience.

4.     Advertising on Coffee Sleeves

coffee sleeves advertising

The coffee sleeves are common at the coffee shops. They are used when serving hot coffee to the patrons. The advertisers, print a relevant advertisement message on the coffee sleeves, and deliver the coffee sleeves to selected coffee shops. Therefore, as the customers are served with coffee, the coffee cups with the coffee sleeves are used.
Viral guerilla marketing ideas will get your advertisement message to the right audience. The advantage is that the costs involves is lower compared to how much you would pay for the traditional advertisement methods. Moreover, guerilla advertising results to higher returns on the investment. Therefore, the approach is best for the advertisers looking to reach wider audience, at a lower cost, and generate higher returns on investment.


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