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Creative Marketing Agencies

How to Identify Creative Marketing Agencies

When the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a global pandemic, different sectors had to change while others were forced out of business.  This is following introduction of measures aiming at controlling spread of the virus. For instance, the government enforced cessation of movement, affecting the advertising industry in a big way. We saw the emergence of more pizza box marketing agencies, which also applied different in-hand advertising methods to reach the target audience. The adoption of creative advertising methods was because methods like digital advertising because overcrowded, expensive, and attracted a shorter attention span.

The different in-hand advertising methods include:

Sanitizing Stations

Sanitization Stations - Creative Marketing Agencies
The approach involves placement of adverts at the digital display screens, which come with the sanitization stations.  To ensure effective targeting, the advertisers need to choose the hand sanitizing stations within the localities they intend to reach. Ensure high-quality adverts, to catch the attention of target audience. Remember that the average time spent at the sanitizing station is 20 to 30 seconds, and so the advertisement has to be clear and short.

Coffee Sleeve Marketing

Coffee Sleeve Advertising - Creative Marketing Agencies
People who love coffee will always order their favorite cup from the local coffee shops. Thus, customized coffee sleeves are a great way of reaching the target audience. The advertiser’s partner with the local coffee shops to make sure the coffee sleeve marketing reaches the target audience. Print the coffee sleeves using high-quality color and ensure the message is clear. Otherwise, coffee sleeve marketing will not work effectively.

Pizza Box Advertising

Pizza Box Advertising - Creative Marketing Agencies
Another in-hand advertising method that has become popular is the use of pizza boxes to reach the target audience.  The pizza box marketing agencies identify the high-traffic pizzeria and negotiate for advertising space on the pizza box tops. With every pizza delivery, the advertisement is displayed to the target audience. The approach is effective when targeting the local population and especially pizza lovers.

Door Hanger Marketing

Door Hanger
When it comes to in-hand advertising, door hanger marketing is one approach you will not go wrong with. The approach involves printing high-quality visual messages on door hangers and distributing to the local homesteads. The targeted advertising approach is less expensive and delivers the message to the right target audience.

Benefits of In-Hand Advertising

In-Hand advertising offers several benefits to the marketers. Here are some of the top benefits of using the in-hand advertising method.

Effective Targeting

The in-hand advertising approaches allow the advertisers to target the right audience. Ideally, the advertisers segment the market and identify the right approach to deliver the message to the audience. For instance, if you are targeting university students, hand-sanitizing stations within the university and around the university can be a great way of reaching the audience.

Less Expensive Compared to Traditional OOH Advertising

The traditional OOH advertising techniques costs 7 times more than the in-hand advertising methods. Thus, in-hand advertising is the best method for advertisers hoping to reach more people at a lower cost.

High-Brand Lift

Captivating ads on pizza boxes or sanitization stations can be a wonderful way to build brand awareness. The target audience will remember the advert for a long time, increasing the conversion potential.


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