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best guerilla marketing tactics

Here the best guerilla marketing tactics!

The choice of advertising method can make or break business success. Generally, marketing focuses on building brand awareness and growing sales. In that regard, how well you get your brand known to target customers depends on the advertising methods you shall use. In this post, we review the best guerilla marketing methods. But before we come to the top guerilla marketing methods, let us define guerilla marketing.

What is Guerilla Marketing?

Firstly, marketers coined the term guerilla marketing in the 20th century. The marketing method focused on helping small businesses with a limited marketing budget, to attain more sales and eventually, more profits. Basically, guerilla marketing is all about investing time, energy, and particularly, creativity to reach the target audience effectively.
Originally conceived as a marketing approach for small and medium businesses, guerilla marketing has become a marketing strategy for all businesses irrespective of their status. The popularity of guerilla marketing is owing to the huge potential that the approaches provide.

What are some of the Best Guerilla Marketing Tactics?

Advertising on Pharmacy Bags

One of the top guerilla marketing approaches is printing adverts on the pharmacy bags. Therefore, the advertisers identify potential pharmacies and distribute the printed packaging bags to the pharmacies. When customers purchase from either of the pharmacies, the branded pharmacy bags are used to package the drugs.

Advertising on Pharmacy Bags

Pizza Box Marketing

Another top guerilla marketing approach involves printing an advertisement on the pizza toppers. The branded pizza toppers are distributed to selected pizzerias, to be used as packaging for deliveries. Therefore upon receiving the pizza,  the customer sees the printed message. Often, pizza is sent as a surprise package, which helps to increase its efficiency in advertising.

Pizza Box Marketing

Coffee Sleeves Ads

Another great example of the best guerilla marketing approach is printing advertisement messages on the coffee sleeves. The coffee sleeves are used for protecting the customers against the hot coffee cups. Therefore, the coffee sleeves are distributed to selected coffee shops, where there is great potential for reaching the target audience.

Advertising on Coffee Sleeve

Sanitization Stations

During the Coronavirus pandemic, sanitization stations have become very popular. Thus, being a high traffic place, the sanitization stations offer a strategic advertising station. The sanitization stations are placed at strategic locations. Therefore, as the target audience uses the sanitization station, they are viewing or reading the advertisements.

Sanitization Stations

Door Hanger Marketing

Following the Coronavirus pandemic, people have been urged to stay at home, and avoid unnecessary travel. Therefore, much of the time is spent within the households. Advertisers are using door hangers to reach the target audience. As the target audience goes outdoors to breathe fresh air, they interact with the adverts.

Door Hanger


We have looked at the core guerilla marketing methods. Through these advertising approaches, it is certainly possible to reach a wide audience. Therefore, if you are planning to begin guerilla marketing, talk to Adzze. At Adzze, we have built the capacity to provide a mix of in-hand advertising solutions based on the guerilla marketing strategy. Call us today for an estimate of either or all of the above guerilla marketing approaches.