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Health ad campaigns

Health ad campaigns: a sensitive message during COVID-19

The medical spa market report has shown that the global medical spa market is projected to reach $27,566 Million by 2025. This is following the increased demand for facial treatment, as consumers realize the importance of self care. Besides, people have more disposable income, which they can use for luxurious treatments at the medical spa. The key players operating in the global medical spa industry need to revise their marketing techniques to reach the high-potential consumers. The best approach shall involve the use of the best health Ad campaigns to get the message to these target audience. Before we look at the sanitizing stations as a potential concept for health ads campaigns, let us evaluate how marketing trends are changing.

Advertising Trends and the Need For Sensitive Message

The marketing campaigns have become more complicated for the advertisers. This is as the target consumers become accustomed to the new normal, as a reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, we see advertising trends shifting from the normal use of billboards and advertising on subways to reach the target audience. In that regard, it is necessary for advertisers to come up with a more creative advertising approach.
Besides redesigning the health ad campaigns, players in the medical spa industry need to show a more sensitive advertising approach. This includes advertising at the hand sanitization stations, while communicating to potential customers that you care about their health.

How Does Advertising on Hand Sanitization Stations Work?

Sanitization Stations
The approach involves placement of posters or a digital advertisement on the sanitization stations. Therefore, as your targeted customers use the hand sanitizing station, the brand message is delivered to them effectively.
Therefore, there is the need to identify the most potential places for placing the adverts. This includes major entry and exit points, like at the hospitals, the eateries, and even colleges, where the target customers frequent.
For the approach of advertising on the hand sanitization stations to be effective, you need to target the strategically located hand washing stations. That way, the advertisement is delivered effectively.
Consider that with the Coronavirus pandemic, the World Health organization and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are calling for people to sanitize their hands more often. Therefore, the hand sanitization booths have become a high traffic area. As a high traffic area, the sanitization booths have become a key resource for advertisers.
For the approach to work effectively, the adverts have to be designed by experienced experts. Therefore, contact a qualified expert to help in designing the advertisement and choosing the best places to have the advertisements. Through such approaches, it becomes much easier to reach the target audience.


For health Ad campaigns to achieve maximum return on investment, there is the need to shift from the use of traditional advertising methods to modern approaches. Therefore, using sanitization booths could be the most effective approach for your business. Talk to Adzze today for designing of hand sanitization station adverts for your med spa campaigns.