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Promotional Hand Sanitizer

How to leverage Promotional Hand Sanitizer

Today, hand sanitizers have become an essential component in our everyday life. This is owing to their effectiveness in fighting the spread of COVID 19. When visiting public places, at the places of work, and even at home, you will see people use hand sanitizers. This is because the sanitizers are effective in stopping the spread of infectious germs.
For business marketers, hand sanitizers present a great approach to reach targeted consumers. This is through leveraging the promotional hand sanitizer to present your brand or products to the customers. Therefore, organizations can target customers through a custom message.

How does it Work?

The hand sanitizers come in bottles of different shapes and sizes. To reach the user, all you need is to print a custom message on the bottle and even the lid. Every time the targeted user wants a sanitizer, the message is presented perfectly and effectively. Thus, advertising on hand sanitizers is a simple concept that guarantees the advertiser that the message will be delivered.

Indoor Advertising with Sanitizing Stations



The Overall Effect of using Hand Sanitizers

The human brain processes visual messages 60,000 times faster compared to the audio messages. Therefore, you are assured that 80% of what they see (visual advert placed on the hand sanitizer) will be remembered. If the numbers are anything to go by, this proves that advertising on the hand sanitizers is much more effective. Further, hand sanitizers are portable. Thus, your target audience will carry the advert everywhere they go. This means that the advert will be seen multiple times in a day.
When a customer walks to a retail shop near them and sees the advertised product, the message is still fresh in their mind. Thus, the chances of taking favorable action are still high. In that regard, we can see that leveraging the hand sanitizer has the potential to double the conversion rates.

Advertising on Promotional Hand Sanitizer Vs an Online Digital Ad

Brands that spend on promotional hand sanitizer will experience double effect compare to spending on online digital Ads. Why?
The online digital ads are served while the targeted person is still on the relevant page. Further, the competition is high, as other brands are bidding higher to display the product.
On hand sanitizers, the message is shown to the targeted consumer every time he wants to sanitize. Bear in mind that it is the same message, seen multiple times until the hand sanitizer bottle is empty. Chances are that the bottle can be refilled and the message remains on the sticker.
Thus, leveraging the hand sanitizer to reach your targeted consumers is much more effective compared to online digital Ads and other traditional methods of advertising.

Advantages of Leveraging Promotional Hand Sanitizer

  • Effective Targeting
Supposing you are advertising, a new movie, and targeting students who reside at a hostel that is just next to your movie shop. Print images from different episodes of the movie on promotional hand sanitizer and give to the students. The message is right in front of your targeted audience.
  • Cheaper and Efficient Advertising
All you need is to print the images and stick them on hand sanitizer bottles.  The expense is much cheaper compared to advertising on a local radio station. In addition, the message is delivered effectively since you choose whom to distribute the promotional hand sanitizer. With radio, there is no guarantee the students will be tuned in to listen to the message.
  • High Return in Investment
Spend less, reach the targeted audience using a custom message. This means you get a higher ROI compared to advertising on a radio station where the audience is general and the overall cost is higher.

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