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Creative Tactics Using Kiosks Advertising

Sanitizer kiosk advertising is becoming one of the most effective approaches for targeting customers. Brands are switching from the traditional approaches of advertising, which involve billboards, and advertising on subways, and preference is shifting towards sanitizer kiosks and hand sanitizer advertising.
The effects of Coronavirus on the advertising industry orchestrate the need for the big switch. We see governments advising citizens to switch to the work from home rather than commuting to work on a daily basis. Further, we see people opting to stay at home rather than travel on vacations, which contributed a lot to brand exposure.
Therefore, if you are looking for the best approach for reaching your target customers at this time of the pandemic, in-hand advertising approaches have proven to be the best alternative to the traditional forms of advertising. In this post, we explore the concept of kiosks advertising. I will explain how the concept works, and look at some of the best practices to deploy effective kiosks advertising.

How Does Kiosks Advertising work?

Hand sanitization kiosks have become a common feature around public locations. Whether it is at the shopping malls, at the government offices, or even at the places of worship, we see hand sanitization kiosks become a common feature.  For advertisers, this is an excellent opportunity for displaying your products in front of potential customers as they walk into the hand sanitizer kiosks.
The sanitization kiosks feature two different types of displays that advertisers can leverage on. There is the static display and we have the digital display. The static display features a screen where the advertiser displays the printed message. Therefore, the advertiser will change the advertisement manually.

Hand sanitization kiosks

The second form of advertisement display on the sanitization kiosk is the digital display. The digital display features touch screen display with inbuilt digital signage solution. Therefore, the advertiser programs the screens remotely or onsite.
Whether digital or static display, the hand sanitizer kiosks advertising presents a great potential for the advertisers to reach their target audience. Here are some of the top advantages of using the sanitizer kiosks advertising approach.

1.      Capture Audiences Attention

Sanitization kiosks advertising is truly an attention grabbing form of advertising. This is because the person seeing the advertisement did not expect that it would be there in the first place. Therefore, they stop to read the message, which means that the target audience will not miss your advertisement. This is unlike advertising on the billboards, which often do not capture the attention of the road users, as they concentrate on the road to avoid accidents.

2.      Saves Your Advertising Budget

Another reason to go for kiosk advertising over the traditional forms of advertising is based on the cost implication. Essentially, the concept of sanitizer kiosk advertising costs less amount compared to advertising on billboards and even on television. Therefore, for organizations that are budget constrained, advertising on billboards is the best approach for reaching the target audience.

3.      Non intrusiveness

Despite the fact that it is a form of ambient advertising, kiosks advertising aims at attracting the attention in a disruptive way rather than intrusive approach. Therefore, only the consumer decides whether to give it attention, and to what extent.

4.      Reach a Wider Audience

Hand sanitization stations have become a common thin in all public locations. Thus, if placed in high-traffic areas, the advertisement will reach a wider audience. Just like other forms of advertising, the location matters most.


We have seen the advantages of kiosks advertising. If you are planning to deploy kiosks advertising, talk to Adzze for the best planning and top strategies to help you deploy successful advertisement.