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Key Reasons to Use Augmented Reality Flyer Ads

Key Reasons To Use Augmented Reality Flyer Ads

AR technology has taken digital marketing by storm. Brands and organizations, businesses and marketers, all are looking for web-based AR solutions for marketing and to identify use cases within their industry. The simplest way to paddle on this journey starts with developing an interactive augmented reality flyer for your business as the first point of interaction with multitudes.
Augmented reality is getting momentum day by day while transforming and helping us to reimagine the future. Seeing the diverse applications of AR Technology, industries are building their future programs based on AR. Here is a round up of The Future of Augmented Reality in Advertising.  As of 2022, there will be an estimated 3.5 billion active AR users, reported Poplar. Studio. The biggest advantage of AR is incredible immersion by the means of usual smart phones. Both Apple and Android platforms provide tools to put up AR technology to create high-quality frontward content. As per the stats shown by Statista, the number of mobile AR users will reach 1.73 billion by 2024.
In the US, around 83.1 million users are projected to use AR technology once a month in one way or another without knowing. They have been using it through the IKEA app since 2013, where furniture from their catalog was featured in a virtual attire. On the other side, we see a robust emergence of interactive augmented reality flyers all around the commercial market seeing The Future of Augmented Reality in Advertising, building hoardings and in the shape of pamphlets. We see AR as a mix of virtual world and reality making possibilities in every walk of life and now digital marketing at its scope. You will have to see if you are ready for Augmented Reality Marketing?

Advantages of using Augmented Reality Flyer

Emerging advertising tactics with AR flyers

Higher brand recall

Reward with a prize of higher retention

AR is providing the power to customers with unique experiences that can prove to be the difference between purchase and dropout. Branding through AR experience increases the chances of brand recall providing a rich feeling that is captivated in a customer’s brain for a long time.

Enable tracking and measurement of the effectiveness

Track your success in real-time

Unlike a static poster, an augmented reality flyer is a key to unlock your success indicators. Every time scanned, it will load up the data pointing at the success rate of your digital marketing campaigns to seek the lead.

Enable higher engagement and interactive ads

The Kennel Company Gunner Kennels specialized in Dog crates, witnessed about 40% more order conversion when they put AR and 3D crate models to try before purchase. People like to feel the product before buying and if they get hooked virtually the sale is confirmed.


Brands and businesses aiming at a distinctive online position need to create brand recall strategy upon innovative AR solutions. Studies have proved that presenting a blend of the real and virtual world in the package of online shopping has promising results in terms of brand recognition and customer retention. Go get the pace and cut the chase with a responsive augmented reality flyer.