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Advertising in Subway Stations

Is Advertising in Subway Stations Is a Good Marketing Tactic?

Advertising in subway stations refers to the placement of advertising displays at the busy subway stations. Subway advertising was once a promising medium for marketers. However, the pandemic has left those marketers who depended on advertising in subway stations seeking alternatives. The need to seek alternatives is simply the reality that subway advertising is no longer effective. So, why is subway advertising no longer an effective approach? What alternative works better?
This post looks at different reasons why advertising in subway stations is no longer an effective approach.

1.      Social distancing Measures Impacting Traffic at the Subways

The CDC has stood firm on its advisory requiring people to avoid crowded places as one of the measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus. Keen to adhere to the advisory, people prefer other methods of traveling including hiring Uber drivers, private cars. In that regard, there is a significant reduction in the number of people using the subways. Besides, the management of subway stations introduced limits on the number of passengers on a train at one time.
Owing to the new measures on social distancing, it is clear that the adverts on subway advertising displays do not reach a wide audience, as it was the case before the pandemic.

2.      Lacks Effective Targeting

Another reason why advertising on subway stations is no longer effective is ineffective targeting. Advertising in subway stations comes with limited options for targeting. For instance, the advertiser could be targeting diplomats, perceived to be potential customers. However,  in real-life situations, diplomats are less likely to board trains and other public transportation methods. Therefore, the chances of delivering the message to the targeted group are minimal. The advertiser would do better if they used an in-hand advertising method, targeting the places and items common to the diplomats.

3.      Its difficulty to Customize the Advertisement Message

Advertisers who depend on installing advertisement displays in subways have their work cut out, especially when it comes to customization of the advertisement message. Therefore, it becomes difficulty for the advertiser to pass the intended message, and in an effective manner. Overall, this reduces the effectiveness of advertising in subway stations.
Based on the three reasons explained here, it is clear that advertisers should consider alternative advertising approaches. One of the best advertising methods is the concept of advertising in sanitizing stations.

Sanitization Stations

How does Advertising on Sanitizing Stations Work?

As the name suggests, this is an advertising method where the advertiser designs, prints, and places the advertisement on displays attached to the sanitization stations. While people are using the sanitization station, they see the advertisement message. Advertising displays on sanitization stations provide the advertiser an opportunity to customize the message. For instance, in our example of targeting the diplomats, the advertiser can place advertising displays at the sanitization stations located at the restaurants where diplomats are likely to visit.
Another advantage of placing adverts on advertisement displays found within the hand sanitization booths relates to cost. Compared to advertising in subway stations, adverts on ad displays within the sanitization stations is a cheaper approach.


Are you still using the ineffective subway advertising? Switch to in-hand advertising approaches that place the advert in the hands of your target audience. At Adzze, we have built the capacity required to come up with effective adverts for placement at the hand sanitization stations. For more details and a no-obligation quote, contact us today.