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How would a Guerilla Marketer use a sensitive ad message?

How would a Guerilla Marketer use a sensitive ad message?

The global pandemic has left a considerable impact on various sectors of the economy. One of the hardest hit is the advertising and marketing sector. Traditional advertising methods are no longer as effective. Consider that people are no longer traveling frequently, as they choose to stay and work from home. Thus, traditional advertising approaches like subway advertising, billboards, and advertising on posters no longer serve the meaningful purpose as they used before the pandemic. At the difficult times when the ongoing Coronavirus cases keep multiplying, it is becoming difficulty for the advertisers to reach target audiences. The game-changing strategy is to turn to Guerilla Marketers.
Using surprising and unconventional interactions, guerilla marketers can promote products and services while reaching target audiences. Your brand can be presented to the target customer’s hands through the inclusion of sensitive messages and dramatic and unconventional approaches. This makes guerilla marketing the killer strategy for businesses struggling to increase brand awareness.

The Concept of In-hand Advertising

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In-hand advertising methods work effectively in delivering brand messages to the target audience. The secret lies in ensuring you understand the current customers to serve them with the adverts they cannot ignore or fail to notice. Therefore, guerilla marketers will ask the following questions to deliver effective in-hand advertising:

Who are my customers or the target audience?

Advertisers need to consider their target audience to avoid misguided efforts that only confuse the customer. Remember that effective in-hand advertising is all about communicating with the right audience and making sure you understand the things or items they respond to.

Focus on Making Unique Interaction Through In-Hand Advertising

Think about the best interaction concerning the target audience. Guerilla marketing strategies require proper exchange to become effective. Do not take a campaign to places where your target audiences do not live, as the interaction will not be sufficient.

Ensure Proper Timing

What is the right time to execute the in-hand advertising method? Consider where you live and the everyday activities that your target audience engages in. It is highly unlikely that you will deliver the brand message without considering proper timing criteria.
Through the above strategies, businesses can place their brand name and products in the target customers’ hands. Now, let us look at the different in-hand advertising approaches for modern companies.

Coffee Cup Advertising

Coffee cup advertising is a practical approach in helping businesses to spread the advertisement message effectively so long as the target customers are coffee lovers.  The process can generate millions of impressions if the execution strategy is carefully thought.

Drink Coaster Advertising

A creative approach to spread your message in a relaxing environment is using bar coasters. The coasters are placed on dining tables and the audiences will see the message as they wait to be served.

Pizza Box Advertising

Printing advertisers logo and message on the pizza boxes and distributing to the network of pizza lovers is another effective in-hand advertising approach. Choose venues that are effectively recognized as pizza venues.
Through the in-hand advertising criteria mentioned above, businesses can deliver adverts effectively. Talk to Adzze for best in-hand advertising criteria.