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NOT Consider Sign Advertising

Here The Reasons to NOT Consider Sign Advertising

Advertising industry is one of the various economic sectors hit hard by the covid-19 pandemic. When the pandemic hit the global economy, governments announced total lockdowns, which meant that some advertisement methods like the use of billboards and sign advertising did not attract the high number of impressions. Following the return to work, traffic on the highways is increasing rapidly. Thus, it is clear that more businesses will struggle to gain audience, and deploy multiple billboards and sign advertising. However, the two are no longer the most effective forms of advertising. Here are some reasons we believe you should not be spending your marketing budget on sign advertising.

Poor Targeting

Sign advertising is not effective when it comes to targeting customers. Remember that there is no guarantee that the targeted audience will keep using the paths where you have placed the advert. In that regard, you are not assured that you will gain the attention of the right audience. Therefore, advertisers need to consider alternative forms of advertising, to reach the target audience.

Expensive Advertising Method

Another challenge when it comes to sign advertising is the fact that it is an expensive form of advertising. In that regard, businesses that are struggling to recover after the economic downtime may not find this method effective. Remember that sign advertising costs 7 times more than the cost of placing an in-hand advertisement. Therefore, it makes sense if you switch to the affordable advertising method.

Sign Advertising attracts short Attention span

The third reason why sign advertising is not the rewarding method for your business is that signs attract a short attention span. Ideally, the signs are located at the road sides, and so drivers may miss the signs or even if they see the sign, there is not enough time to digest the advertisement message.
In-hand advertising is the best alternative when it comes to reaching the target audience and at a lower cost. In that regard, it would help if you switch to in-hand advertising,

In-the-Hand Advertising

 Here are some of the top in-hand advertising approaches.

1.      Coffee Sleeve Advertising

People are back to their coffee shops, and so this is a great time to target them. The simplest and effective way to target them is through coffee sleeve advertising. Talk to a coffee shop near you, print your brand name and logo on coffee sleeves and distribute to select coffee shops. This approach has the potential to reach over 1.7 Million impressions per month.

2.      Pizza Box Advertising

Another approach when it comes to in-hand advertising is use of pizza box tops. Target leading pizzerias, print adverts on pizza box tops and send to the pizzerias. The pizzeria deliveries will have your brand on the pizza box top. Therefore, you can deliver the adverts to the US households. The approach generates a high brand awareness.

3.      Sanitization Stations

The Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to popularization of hand sanitizations. Every public location has a sanitization station. The sanitization stations with display screens present a great opportunity for reaching the target audience.

4.      Door Hanger Marketing

The door hanger advertising approach is another method you can use to target American households.
The approach involves printing brand name on door hangers and placing on doors of your target audience. Thus, as the homeowners come back home, they interact with the message.

5.      Bar coaster Advertising

When it comes to bar coaster advertising, the approach is effective for marketing campaigns targeting youthful audience. The approach features printing products on the bar coasters, and placing the coasters on the tables used by the target audience. Therefore, you can target the right audience, while delivering effective adverts.
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