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Place Ads on Placemats

Back to Indoor Dining? Place Ads on Placemats!

Ads on placemat refer to the printing of a non-personal message that seeks to promote or sell a product, a service or an idea to a target audience. Often, an ad on placemats is done in restaurants and bars, where local businesses collaborate with the restaurant owners to highlight products to the local patrons visiting their premises for refreshments.
The concept of ads on placemat helps the local businesses by placing the advert to the target audience, who often are ready to purchase. The ad on placemat is often a business card size advert containing information about a local business, products or services available at the premises.

Place Ads on Placemats

By taking advantage of the Ads on placemat concept, you can expect that customers arriving to the restaurant will view your advertisement for at least 20 minutes.  Typically, the customers are not disrupted, and they will see the message for at least five times. Ultimately, placemat advertising becomes more effective than advertising on television or use of billboards.

Take Advantage of Indoor Dining and Place Ads on Placemats

After the global pandemic, people are now back to indoor dining. The government in collaboration with the Center for disease Control and Prevention continues to urge people to take vaccinations. Therefore, people are now confident that they can continue dining at the restaurants. As more businesses reopen, their staffs are back to work, and the restaurant traffic is beginning to increase. Thus, it is time for advertisers to target these patrons through ads on placemat.

What are The Benefits of using Ads on Placemats?

1.      Inexpensive Form of Advertising Compared to Traditional Advertising Methods

One of the top benefits of using ads on placemats to reach target audience relates to the total cost. The total cost of printing an advert on placemats used at different restaurants within the city is just a fraction of how much you would spend to put up a billboard.
For example, the physical billboards cost an average of $14,000 to $20,000 per month in larger markets. At the same cost, an advertiser can print over 30,000 ads on placemats.
Therefore, it is clear that ads on placemat are cheaper for the businesses. This is especially post the pandemic, a time when many businesses are struggling to raise enough money to support daily operations and pay advertising bills.

2.      Reach Audiences While they are In Relaxation Mood

Ads on Placemats
Another top reason to go for ads on placemats is the ability to reach out to audiences while they are in a relaxed mood. Ideally, patrons walking to a restaurant are coming in for a good time, and thus it is easier to communicate to them about your brand through placemat adverts. On the other side, the roadside billboards may not be noticeable, and the target audience might not have time to read the message.  This is because road users are rushing to their destination, and often using express highways, where driving at lower speeds to read the advert is technically impossible.

3.      Unusual and Creative Advertising

Ad on placemat is a great example of a creative in hand advertising.  The target audience do not expect to find the advertisement message on the restaurant table, and so, this form of advertising is catchy to the eyes. The patrons will be eager to find out what the advertisement message is about, and the message sticks into their minds.
Therefore, businesses that are struggling to reach their target audience should use the ads on placemat approach as it is less expensive, attracts audience attention, and the adverts target customers while they are in relaxed mood.


At Adzze, we provide ads on placemat to help businesses reach their target audience. Thus, if you are looking for inexpensive and effective advertising approach, reach out to us for ads on placemat.