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Advertising on Shopping Carts

Why is Advertising on Shopping Carts a Good idea?

Targeting consumers as they shop at grocery shops can be an effective approach for increasing brand awareness. If we compare placement of ads on billboards to the other conventional advertising methods, grocery store advertising generates more impressions. You may be wondering what the grocery store advertising costs. First, the grocery store advertising costs depend on the location where you want to have the advert. However, the grocery store advertising costs will be relatively lower than conventional advertising methods.
Before we evaluate the grocery store costs further, let us look at how the approach works.

What is Grocery Store Advertising and How Does it work?

Grocery store advertising refers to an in-store retail marketing approach popular in supermarkets. In grocery stores advertising is popular among food retailers, manufacturers, and brands that supply merchandise to the various grocery stores.

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Therefore, grocery store advertising is a winning marketing strategy that focuses on placing your brand to the hands of the target consumer. The approach involves two strategies. Here is an overview of each of the two grocery store advertising methods.

1.  Placing Ads on the Shopping Carts

As the name suggests, this grocery store advertising strategy involves branding the shopping carts with your advertising message. Therefore, as the target audience pushes the shopping cart around, the brand message reaches them effectively. This is a great way of influencing the consumer to pick and try your products. However, for the advertising method to deliver desired results, the advertiser must ensure the message is printed professionally and the targeting approach is right.

2.  Adverts on Grocery Dividers

Another grocery store advertising approach is placing adverts on the grocery store dividers. Therefore, as consumers checkout various products, they are interacting with the advert, and reading about your brand. Ensure that the products on the display do not hide the advertisement, and the message is short and clear.
Irrespective of the grocery store advertising method used, it is important you ensure the message is well crafted, and to the point. Otherwise, the advertisement will not generate the desired outcome.

Grocery Store Advertising Costs Compared to Conventional Ads Methods

The cost of advertising through the conventional methods is higher than the grocery store advertising costs. For instance, the cost of printing a huge banner and placing it at the specifically chosen locations is too high. The small and medium enterprises may not afford the high cost of putting up banners at the various subways and the cost of billboard placement. Therefore, grocery store advertising costs would be friendlier to startups and businesses that want to save on advertising costs.
Further, grocery store advertising reaches a high-quality audience. For instance, if you are targeting local customers, you just need to approach the grocery store management and negotiate for ads placement at a friendly rate. Ensure you choose the grocery stores within the localities you are targeting.


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