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Sanitization Stations - Viral Sales Kiosks

Viral Sales Kiosks Tactics with Sanitizer Stations

Advertisers have been using the sales kiosks to reach their target customers. Over the years, the concept of sales kiosks for advertising has evolved rapidly. Today, we see sales kiosks with hand sanitization stations, phenomena that attract more people to use the sales kiosks. It is obvious that the advertisement concept has proven to be successful, hence the reason why marketers have chosen to keep using the advertising method to reach their target audience. In this post, we feature how the sales kiosks work. Therefore, keep reading to understand how the sales kiosks concept has evolved over the years and to understand how the concept is beneficial to the marketers.

How Does Sales Kiosks Advertising work?

The sales kiosks are designed to be advertising, inform, and at the same time entertain the target audience, while creating brand awareness. The freestanding sales kiosks take up a small space and feature digital or the static screen displays. The easy to install sales kiosks can be deployed quickly, compared, hence convenient when deploying sales campaigns.

Indoor Advertising with Sanitizing Stations

The sales kiosks feature static and digital screen displays. However, the static displays were commonly used in the past. Today, technology is developing at a rapid pace, and we the manufacturers move towards the digital display screens. The digital display screens means that the sales kiosks can be used to advertise multiple products. Therefore, marketers are able to target multiple customers through different advertisements. The digital display screens have the ability to attract more attention compared  to the static advertisement screens.

What are the Advantages of Using Sales Kiosks?

1.      Flexibility

One of the top reasons why sales kiosks have gone viral has to do with the great mobility. As technology continues evolving, we see the display screens are becoming lighter, and consequently the marketers can relocate the sales kiosks on demand. The marketers can relocate the advertisement kiosks or even customize the advertisement to match what target audience expects.

2.      Reduced Cost

Sales kiosks cost less to design and position, compared to the cost of putting up a billboard. Therefore, businesses that are looking to reach a wider audience at a lower cost than what the business would pay to put up a billboard would rather go for the sales kiosks. Consider that changing the message on the sales kiosks with digital display screen does not cost as much as you would pay too change the message on the billboard, or even the message on the subway banner. For that reason, budget constrained sales managers would rather advertise on the sales kiosks.

3.      Wider Reach and Higher ROI

Another top advantage to use the sales kiosks is that they reach a wider audience. There are multiple reasons why a sales kiosk can reach a wider audience. To begin with, the advertiser can relocate the advert with ease, to ensure the location is strategic. Secondly, the advertiser can switch the message quickly so that it will match the current mood. Ultimately, the advertiser will ensure a higher return on investment.


Sales kiosks present a great advantage when it comes to reaching the right audience. Are you interested in sales kiosks advertising? Talk to Adzze today. We have built the capacity required to deliver high-quality sales kiosks advertising. Our experts will provide high-quality solutions and at a reasonable cost.