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Door Hanger vs Trucks Advertising

Trucks Advertising is changing after the global pandemic

The Coronavirus crisis has affected the advertising industry, and the effects are expected to go on for a long time. In a nutshell, the lasting behavior change is forcing advertisers to rethink their advertising strategies. This is owing to the restrictions on travel, while many people are forced to stay at home. A recent study predicts up to 31% decrease in advertising investments in the year 2020. This is because various out of home advertising methods have become less effective, owing to travel restrictions and confinements put in place by the governments. One of the affected methods of advertising is truck advertising, and so advertisers will have to rethink the strategy.
Why Trucks Advertising is no Longer as Effective

Has a Low Reach

Placing adverts on trucks no longer guarantees you a huge reach. Consider that people are choosing to work from home, while others have chosen to avoid unnecessary travel. Therefore, it is obvious that the traffic on major highways and on city streets will drop significantly. Thus, using a truck advertising strategy may not work especially for smaller businesses.

Restricted Travel Will Impact Trucks Advertising

Businesses may no longer be able to reach the target audience. This is owing to the restrictions on movement, as only vehicles transporting essential products may be allowed across borders. Such restrictions on movement will impact tracks advertising creating a huge impact.

 Poor Targeting

Another reason why truck advertising no longer works is that it is difficult to target the right audience. Therefore, while the advertisement may generate high engagements, only a handful will complete the call to action. Further, it is not easy targeting the right audience. The lack of ability to ensure precise targeting undermines the as ability to reach a huge audience.

 Lower Return on Investment

Overall, truck advertising is no longer getting a high number of impressions since a majority of people choose staying off the streets, and only travel when it is necessary. Thus, given the high cost of advertising on trucks, the ROI is not impressive.

It is Time to Rethink Your Current Advertising Strategy

It is time for advertisers to rethink their advertising strategies. Adzze is providing advertising approaches that have proven to be more effective. These strategies allow advertisers to place their brand in the hands of the consumer. Thus, advertisers can ditch traditional out-of-home advertising methods, like truck advertising.  Here is an overview of the at-home advertising strategies that have proven to work.

Door Hanger Advertising:

Advertising Door Hangers

This advertising strategy allows businesses to deliver adverts at the home of the consumers. The advertisement message is printed on the door hangers. The door hanger is then placed on the doorknob of the target customer. The target customers will see the advertisement when they open or close the door. This ensures a guaranteed reach while targeting is effective.


Dry Cleaner Hanger

Door Hanger
Your brand name and logo are printed on promotional hangers. The printed hangers will be distributed to the selected dry cleaners. The dry cleaners will in turn distribute the hangers with your brand name and logo to the targeted consumers.

Shopping Bags Advertising

Shopping Bags

The advertiser’s logo and brand will be placed on the shopping bags, and the shopping bags will be distributed to the supermarkets. The selected supermarkets will give the bags to the shoppers who take the brand to their homes.
To deliver an effectively targeted advertisement at this time of COVID 19, try either of the above advertisement methods. The adverts ensure your brand is placed on-the-hand- of the target consumer.

Pizza Box vaccine - Pizza Box Marketing

Advertiser will have to find alternative channels to reach consumers and many already pivoted to In-Home Advertising using food deliveries. This model represents the new market trend in advertising as an alternative to traditional OOH advertising channels. As delivery orders are being fulfilled, active advertising is on-going simultaneously. Ads are placed on pizza boxes and shopping bags and delivered into the hands of customers. The amazing part is that the ads enter people`s homes and stays in their faces.