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Truck Advertising

Truck Advertising: How it Works and the Benefits

Truck advertising is becoming an effective approach to getting your brand in the eyes of target consumers. However, what exactly is truck advertising, and how does truck advertising work?
Truck advertising refers to the printing of adverts on the sides of a delivery truck. The advertisement is often not related to the items that the truck is ferrying. Other road users and those around the parking area will see the advertisement. Typically, truck advertising is different from advertising on the static billboards installed by the roadsides.  The truck is driven through different towns maximizing the reach of your advertising message.
What are the Advantages of Truck Advertising?


The cost per impression is lower compared to that of static billboards. Therefore, for advertisers with a limited advertising budget, truck advertising offers a cheaper option. Thus, is enough reason why many small businesses are taking advantage of truck advertising, compared to their appetite for billboards advertisement.

Wider Reach

Advertising on billboards allows organizations to reach a wider audience compared to a static billboard. This is considering that an advertisement truck is traversing various parts of the country, making it easier to reach a wide audience. A static billboard will only be visible to those passing around the places where the billboard is placed. Further, a moving truck attracts the attention of people. This is compared to a silent billboard, which many people may pass unnoticed. This proves that truck advertising is a more effective approach.

truck advertising vs In-Home Advertising


Generate a Positive Opinion

People have a favorable opinion of companies that advertise on trucks. Likewise, more people feel a company that advertises on trucks is well established. This contributes to the acceptance of the products, which obviously increases the return on Investment. Take advantage of truck advertising to earn a favorable opinion from target consumers.

Create Social Buzz and Enjoy Increased Brand Awareness

Truck advertising gives advertisers an opportunity to create social buzz. Consider that more than 90% of Americans use the roads and highways at least twice in a month. Those people are likely to notice truck advertising. Many times, the audience believes that the truck is delivering the products that are advertised. Thus, they think that the neighbors are using those products, and hence they begin forming a positive opinion about the product. Consequently, you are likely to experience an increase in demand especially within the areas where the advertising trucks travel often.

Enjoy Increased Return on Investment

Research has shown that advertising on billboards attracts a high return on investments. This is compared to advertising on static billboards. The static billboards attract fewer impressions, and consequently, the conversion rate is likely to be lower. This is compared to advertising on moving trucks, where the impressions are more, and consequently, a higher conversion rate. Therefore, overall you can expect a high return on investment when it comes to implementing the truck advertising approach.
Truck advertising is not a new concept. However, note that how you implement the approach affects the overall outcome. Talk to an experienced advertising firm for tips on how to implement truck advertising effectively.
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