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Hand sanitizer Stand advertising vs Ads On Trucks

Ads On Trucks Don’t Deliver A High ROI Anymore

Following the global pandemic, the overall ad spends on Out-Of-Home advertisement methods saw a sharp decrease. Therefore, with the possibility of a second COVID-19 wave, the effects will continue to prevail. In that regard, the placement of Ads on trucks will no longer see the high return on investment as used to be the case before the global pandemic. Why is this likely to be the case?
Essentially, the out of home advertisement methods like the placement of Ads on Trucks relies on maximum advert interactions to generate the anticipated return on investment. Unfortunately, as the scare of the second wave continues to become real, more people are choosing to stay away from public places. Therefore, the impressions rate on Ads on Truck is still very low. Besides, the businesses are yet to recover from the economic depression brought about by the national lockdowns. As a result, more businesses are opting to use cheaper advertisement methods, as opposed to paying huge fees for space at the lucrative city sites.
Apart from the low ROI that is expected on the use of Ads on Trucks, billboards placed at the high football areas and other sports stadiums no longer generate the one-to-many impressions.

The Need to Change to More Sensitive Media

advertising on sanitizing displays - TIME TO VACCINATE
As elaborated above, the impression rate on the traditional advertisement methods is still very low. Therefore, it is clear that there is a need for advertisers to innovatively adopt the use of more sensitive media to reach the target audience. A recent survey pointed out that businesses are shifting their advertisement strategy, to focus more on in-home advert delivery. For instance, we see businesses opting to serve adverts through door hangers, while others are pivoting on packaging bags to deliver advertisements to target audience.
One of the best approaches to reach the target audience is the use of sanitizing displays. Therefore, through using sanitizing displays, advertisers can effectively reach the target audience.

So, how does advertising on sanitizing displays work?

Basically, this involves the use of the sanitization displays that are attached to the sanitization station. Therefore, as the target audience reaches the sanitization booths to sanitize their hands, an advertisement is running on the advertisement display. Therefore, the target audience will interact with the advertisement. Eventually, the advertisement will have been delivered effectively.

advertising on sanitizing displays


For this approach to deliver the advertisement message effectively, it is important that the advertiser targets the use of sanitizing displays that are located at the places where the target audience frequents. Therefore, if an advertiser is targeting college students, the advert can be placed on the sanitization stations that are within the college. Likewise, if targeting worshippers, the advert could be displayed through the sanitization stations outside the commonplaces of worship.
Besides, how the advertisement has been packaged matters. For instance, consider that people spend less than a minute at the sanitization booth. Therefore, the advertisement message should be kept short and precise.


The use of sanitization displays will generate a higher ROI compared to truck ads. Therefore, advertisers should focus on using the new approach, rather than sticking to traditional OOH advertising. At Adzze, we are building the capacity to offer similar solutions to our customers. Therefore, if you are interested in the use of sanitizing stations to reach the target audience, contact us.