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Subway Advertisement

Subway advertisement is now obsolete! Marketers are trying this approach

As the Covid-19 crisis to hit hard on the economy, the advertising sector is among the key sectors that have been hit hardest. Advertisers are starting to feel the destructive effects brought about by the pandemic. One of the ways the pandemic has affected the advertising sector is that the traditional adverts no longer work effectively. For instance, the subway advertising has become inefficient, with a lower rate of return on the investments. In this article, we evaluate the impact of the global pandemic on the advertising sector, with a special focus on subway advertising.

An analysis of the Impact of the Pandemic on the Advertising Industry

Subway advertising and other traditional approaches of advertising depend on high traffic on the highways to generate wide reach. Unfortunately, with the global pandemic, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is calling on people to stay at home. The governments are calling on restricted movement, with people urged to avoid unnecessary travel.
Therefore, we have fewer people on the highways, and consequently, on the subways. This means that advertisements are only reaching a small percentage of people. The overall effect is a low return on investment. Bearing in mind that subway advertising is an expensive approach, marketing managers are having a hard time explaining why they should keep receiving a budget for advertising.  Therefore, the chief financial officers are complaining they are not getting the returns they expected from the budget allocated to marketers.
Subway advertising is not a Covid sensitive approach of advertising. The Covid sensitive advertising approaches feature targeting the high-quality audience while they are still at home. Therefore, the advertisers should focus on the advertising approaches that are more COVID sensitive.

Analysis of COVID Sensitive Advertising Methods

Now that we have elaborated on why the traditional advertising methods are no longer effective, we focus on discussing the best approaches especially at this time of the pandemic.

Advertising on Sanitization Stations

Sanitizing Stations Marketing
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about the need for using hand sanitizers often, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. The first COVID-sensitive advertising approach is placing adverts on different sanitization stations. Therefore, as more people use the sanitization booths, they are seeing the advertisement, which creates a high potential for converting them into buyers.

Pizza Box Marketing

Pizza Box Marketing
To reach consumers who have chosen to stay indoors to avoid contracting the Coronavirus, creative advertisers are using the pizza box marketing approach. The approach involves printing advertisements on the pizza boxes and sending these boxes to the selected pizzerias. Therefore, as the Pizza delivery staff deliver to customers, the advertisements reach the target audience. Eventually, the approach allows the advertisers to reach a high-quality audience while they are still at home.

Advertising on door Hangers

Door Hanger Advertising
This involves printing adverts on the door hangers and placing the door hangers on the doorknobs. The method involves targeting potential customers, where the adverts will be displayed. Therefore, there is a high potential for reaching high-quality prospects and converting them into buyers.


As the Covid-19 introduces us to the “new normal”, advertisers should focus on changing their current strategies into COVID sensitive advertising approaches. This should involve the advertising methods that reach potential customers while they are still at home.
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