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Placing Toppers on Pizza Boxes

Placing Toppers on Pizza Boxes is a Creative Advertising Tactic

Coronavirus has caused a significant effect to various sectors of the economy. The impact has been different depending on the sector in question. For instance, the advertising economy, which is one of the critical elements in business marketing, has been largely hit by the effects of COVID-19 on the economy. For instance, the traditional advertising methods such as use of billboards, subway advertising and use of truck Ads to reach the consumer, are no longer effective.

Why are Traditional Advertising Methods No Longer Effective?

Ideally, advertisers target the busy streets when it comes to the placement of billboards/ likewise, busy subways are the target of advertisers. Unfortunately, the streets and subways were nearly abandoned when the governments and officials from the health department announced the Coronavirus containment measures.
Therefore, social distancing became the new normal, while people opted for less travel. As a result, the billboards and subway adverts would not generate high number of impressions. Adverts placed at the sports ground were stopped as the governments cancelled all sporting activities. Consequently, marketers suffered a major blow, and had to device new approaches to reach the target consumers.

The Need To Embrace More Sensitive Advertising Methods

Placing Toppers on Pizza Boxes is a Creative Advertising Tactic
Therefore, as social distancing, less travel and other Coronavirus containment measures continue to affect advertising methods, there is the need for advertisers to ensure more creativity. A good approach is the use of Toppers on Pizza Boxes to reach the target consumers. This can be used along other in-hand advertising methods. To understand how the in-hand advertising methods work, we will use the case of toppers on pizza boxes to reach the target audience.

How does Use of Toppers on Pizza Boxes Work?

First, pizza lovers will still want to enjoy their favorite delicacies. Therefore, although the may not be able to walk to their favorite pizzeria, online orders and at-home deliveries continue to serve them justice. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for advertisers to leverage the pizza toppers to reach the target audience. For instance, lets assume you are a manufacturer of best juice in town. Collaborating with the most popular pizzeria in town, your company can deliver the brand message to the target audience. This is by printing the advertisement message on the pizza toppers and reaching the target audience. In this case, the target audience is the pizza consumer. As they open unpack their favorite pizza, your brand message is what they come across.
Besides, chances are that the pizza customers will want to share the special moment with their friends across the streets or cities. And because they are not in position to invite them to grace the pizza opening occasion, they send a short clip via social media platforms. Thus, the advertisement message is likely to be featured during the virtual pizza-opening event. Therefore, toppers on pizza boxes gives your brand more visibility.
At Adzze, we are building capacity to provide the different at-hand advertising methods to our customers. One of the approaches involves the use of toppers on the pizza boxes. If you are interested in promoting your business through the use of toppers on pizza boxes, contact us today!